Around Town — Nov. 19

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Nov. 19

Orchids to

everyone at St. Bartholomew Catholic Church for the lovely funeral Mass for our mom, Barbara; it was very beautiful.

Newland-White Decorators for the excellent refinishing job on our kitchen cabinets, from Connie McGinty.

another Capitol insurrectionist found guilty and being locked up.

Elon Musk and Tesla for taking the lead on electric vehicles and leading us toward a green planet and energy independence.

Bud Herron for your column, love your sense of humor!

Jersey Mikes for continuing its part in the Feed America program.

guest columnist Matthew Hardy for a good, common sense column.

the lady who paid for my meal at McDonald’s on Wednesday.

the new historic infrastructure bill just signed into law.

Rep. Liz Chaney and Rep. Adam Kinzinger for voting yes on the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Onions to

not realizing fast food registers aren’t set up to put a 50 percent discount on one sandwich in a two-for-one offer, it’s not discrimination.

cemetery grounds keepers not keeping trees trimmed at the cemetery making the area look awful.

the columnist thinking more bus stations are needed instead of finishing the border wall.

those that possess, sell, or manufacture tools of death such as guns.

the federal official promoting cartoons depicting violence against his colleagues and the president, he needs a prison cell.

immigration numbers not being increased to fill vacant jobs that most immigrants would gladly fill.

rehab facility that is out for profit and not the patient.

the lady always asking “who bought it,” it doesn’t matter who bought what.

all the lawmakers that didn’t vote for the infrastructure bill who want to take credit for it.

my political party in disarray.

the lawmaker taking credit for the infrastructure funding that he voted against.

Happy Birthday to

Jane Unsworth, from your family and Donna.

Judy Delph, love Kim and Pamela.

Happy Anniversary to

John and Kari Kerns