Around Town — Nov. 23

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Orchids to

Jackman’s Animal Clinic in Milroy for saving the life of my pet, best ever vet.

the Columbus community for supporting live high school theatre.

Aldi for having stroopwafels once again for the holidays.

the Columbus East High School Theatre for putting on three amazing performances of “Footloose” this weekend!

Mike Jessop bringing the message to St. Peter’s Lutheran Church on Sunday and the youth in the youth program, wonderful event.

Sherry Beatty, love, sister Sharon.

Sheila at Lowe’s for her sweet patience and kindness to the persistent lady with a Christmas tree, it’s beautiful! May God bless you abundantly.

the jury delivering a verdict based on sworn testimony, sworn facts and laws, not emotion, politics or mob rule.

Onions to

those who vote against bills that provide funds for local police but then accuse the other party of wanting to defund the police.

those who feel they need to open carry on the streets of Columbus.

the previous federal elected official inhumanity in ordering parents to be separated from children at the border, causing 270 children to remain separated.

forgeting the deficit when asked to spend as much as the next 20 countries put together for the military but still not voting to improve veterans’ health care.

the rude people who cut in line at the Reindeer Romp.

representatives refusing to acknowledge that another representative’s behavior was clearly threatening and totally unacceptable.

the city for going down the TIF rabbit hole.

COVID shots being made and marketed by the same companies who made and marketed opioids that tragically resulted in the opioid disaster.

the company for flying their flag at the same height as the American flag.

people forgetting all the horrible and violent cartoons and other things said about our former president by the political party.

this administration trying to circumvent the rule of law and ignoring the court rulings.

the columnist’s brilliant dodge.

the elected officials allowing an endless invasion at our southern border for political gain.

the current administration for voicing its view of the trial and verdict which drove the division wedge deeper into our country.

anyone who thinks crossing a state line with an AR-15 to kill an unarmed person is acceptable behavior in a civilized nation.

those who continue to spread racial hatred through their untruths.

the car passing on the double yellow line with a car coming head-on on Middle Road Sunday.

Happy Birthday to

Dave Rosenberger, from your family and Donna.

Catherine Grott, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Mary Ann McCarty, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Dave Emmert, from all your family.