Around Town — Nov. 28

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Orchids to

local residents, thank you from Dobbs Hill Festival of Lights in Elizabethtown for all the support in making us feel welcome! Supporting the Christmas light display in memorial of our son Bradley means more than you know!

Leo Morris for his excellent column Thursday, you are always spot on.

the Jan. 6th committee for seeking the facts of the insurrection against our 255-year-old republic that has been undermined by people believing in lies and tyranny.

mail carriers having to work such long hours to deliver holiday mail.

everyone leaving their porch lights on for carriers having to work after dark.

Ron Kelsey and Ian Hubbard for our family lunch, from the family.

Dana Wiesner, for the delicious homemade cinnamon rolls for our Thanksgiving breakfast, from Yvonne and Scotty.

everyone who is being vaccinated because they realize that nothing is 100 percent effective, but it can stop severe illness and death.

Dion, my neighbor, for helping me load up my old grass and leaf catcher so I could take it to the landfill—thank you, this was much appreciated.

Randall and Patty Champion for bringing lunch to us on Thanksgiving and to Debra and Julie Greene for bringing lunch on Friday, love you, mom and Tom.

Leo Morris for his column.

true conservatives calling out the racist, fear-provoking, and chaos-generating rhetoric from the far right, who are burying the GOP and undermining our democracy.