Around Town — Jan. 4

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Orchids to

the two young men at Captain D’s who pushed my car out of the drive when it died.

the young man from Coppers who towed my car to Seymour, he was very nice.

the man in the red Chevy truck for paying for my lunch at the Taco Bell drive-thru, thank you, I will pay it forward.

Bud Herron and John Krull for the columns.

Onions to

the oath-breaking official who apparently feels money and power are more important than blood, yet scurried down the Capitol stairs Jan. 6.

the “Famous Face” description given to the now infamous local insurrectionist.

thinking the hospital should have built more rooms for those who will not take care of themselves by getting vaccinated and wearing masks.

local restaurant who refused to hire a server because of her age, years of experience and because she was too old.

instead of searching space for intelligent life, we should look to see if there is any intelligent life in Washington.

the local medical organization spending its time on land development, rather than focusing on the need for increased medical services.

those who can’t accept the truth about Jan. 6 , the election, or the mounting deficits brought on by the previous administration’s tax cuts and the spending now.

saying fabric masks weren’t efficient, because when I tested mine with the candle test, and they all passed.

the large church adding staff to top-heavy administration, while canceling and combining services.

the large local healthcare organization that won’t update how many employees remain unvaccinated

state officials who allow rampant COVID spreading by rescinding mask requirements and vaccines, leading to Indiana being the most dangerous state in which to reside.

our do-nothing-good state legislature that might as well go back to meeting every other year.

claiming if you’re a carrier of COVID, you will do harm to others, when the fact is you may.

those who selfishly choose “your rights” over “what’s right” in the battle against COVID.

the businesses with “help wanted” signs out but when an older person goes in, they say “oh no, we have an abundance of people. Sorry.”

the man who left his dog in the truck when it was so cold Sunday while he went in the restaurant to eat.

hypocrites who exploit the words of a 13-year-old politician’s daughter they hate but ignore the deeds of a 50-year-old politician’s son they love.

the Jan. 6 investigative committee.

Happy Birthday to

Larry Lucas, from your family and Donna.

Katarine Guimaraes, from your family and Donna.

Carolyn Jolly, from your family and Donna.

Deanna Kurtz, from your family and Donna.

Deana Perry, from your family and Donna.

Art Ramsey, from Margie.

ANOTHER beautiful morning

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