Around Town – Jan. 6

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Orchids to

Kathy Combs on your volunteer anniversary, you have been a valued volunteer for four years, from your Turning Point family.

Bob Miller on your volunteer anniversary, you have been a valued volunteer for nine years, from your Turning Point family.

understanding that all good people are on the same side, quit supporting people who want to split us up.

the delivery men for doing a great job removing my old refrigerator and delivering the new one even though the space was tight! from Harriet.

the recent editorial emphasizing the safety issues surrounding renovating The Crump Theatre.

Brian Slodysko for his excellent piece on Greg Pence, from Lee Shipman.

Brian Jasper’s excellent letter to the editor.

Dr. William Watts and staff for the kind, compassionate, professional care received Monday and always, from B.B.

the medical staff, nurses, and other professionally trained medical assistants for taking care of my wife who was in rehab, thank you.

people who know true science can withstand scrutiny and questions.

Samantha at the eastside Walmart for being so helpful on Tuesday.

the hair stylist at Cameo Room for making my granddaughter Morgan feel so special, from her Mimi.

Onions to

the constant “moving of the goal posts” and those questioning why some of us don’t care anymore and will just live our lives full of daily risks.

executive orders.

those who think education is worth endangering student and staff lives.

a city that owns an ice rink and other amenities but chooses to ignore renovating a downtown theatre that can become a true asset.

calling someone a hero for trying to get around doing their sworn duty and finally relenting to do the only thing allowed by law.

the administration for the southern border disaster encouraging fentanyl smuggling which is killing thousands of Americans.

the columnist thinking the federally elected official has character when he has failed to “shut down the virus.”

column writer forgetting Americans continue to die daily because life is a risk, it’s time we start living with risks again.

the worst inflation in decades making even the price of cheap mayonnaise go up by 67%.

our representatives that clearly put loyalty to party over country and our Constitution.

the lady following me around the craft store coughing and snorting when she should stay home, this is the reason we’ll never end the virus.

the local representative who praises his brother’s courage in completing the Electoral College count while cowardly voting to support the Big Lie.

approving subdivisions to be built with streets that are too narrow, no streetlights and a small roundabout.

the roundabouts too small in the new subdivision that won’t accommodate a school bus.

the big lie that nobody wants to work, there’s plenty of people who want to work but aren’t hired even though they paid their debt to society.

the two cars that made U-turns at Wendy’s.

the former federal elected official who was able to remake the political party in his image.

the fact that there remains no obvious or able challenger in sight to the former federal elected official.

Happy Birthday to

Terry Johnson, from your family and Donna.

Mom, love Laura &Mark.

Xavier Drysdale, from all your family.

ANOTHER beautiful morning

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