Around Town – Jan. 13

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Orchids to

Dr. Vermillion and the entire Columbus Animal Hospital staff for taking such great care of our Derby Dogg.

Gov. Holcomb, for going to the Indiana Supreme Court to overturn HEA 1123, which allows the Indiana General Assembly to over reach.

Best Auto tire shop for the swift and courteous employee they sent out to change a flat tire on a cold blustery day, thank you for your dedication! from James Lang.

Olivia and Claire for the coffee, from the crossing guard.

Kaila, Becky and Dr. Kiser for their thoughts about COVID stress and frustration aired on national news.

Dr. Fauci for standing his ground about the lies being spread about him.

the message of “if I can impress any one student that they can be better than they think they are.”

state for not requiring proof of citizenship for voter registration.

President Joe Biden for giving a speech on Jan. 6 that was very much needed.

members of a party who still believe in western-style democracy and a peaceful transfer of power who will now speak out against the radicalization toward tyranny.

Lori at BMV for outstanding service.

Mike Henderson with Cummins Engine, congratulations on your gem awards, from Steve Garrison and Luretta.

Edinburgh for picking up the trash that was dumped in my yard one week ago.

Aaron Miller for your column.

Onions to

people who think they can excuse their deplorable words or actions by calling themselves Christians or patriots.

our state legislators for not masking up during the State of the State speech, once again, not leading by example.

the inconsiderate downtown residents using power tools at 2 a.m. on weeknights waking their neighbors.

arguing gun permits force law-abiding citizens to undergo police background checks, when they are a means of protecting law-abiding citizens.

Law makers for government overreach in their law making agenda in voter restriction laws, HEA1123, schools and telling businesses how to enforce employment rules.

the administration requiring proof of vaccination (a card), but doesn’t feel it necessary to provide ID to vote.

the political party willing to sell their soul to continue the former federal elected official’s big lie.

political party expecting people to vote for them after they just stepped on the pain and anguish of Capitol police.

the new section of Taylor Road should be wider and some drivers that don’t understand a roundabout, it is a yield.

the gas company regulators for allowing a 70 percent increase in the price of natural gas.

the city not doing anything with the new section of Taylor Road and letting it get flooded every time it rains real hard.

politicians and bureaucrats who project their own sins onto other people.

the people that won’t take down their 15 foot skeleton out of the yard.

Happy Birthday to

Roberta DeSantis, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Barbara Schnadinger, from Jenny, Steve, Bentley, Chesney and the rest of the family.

ANOTHER beautiful morning

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