CPD to require reports on alleged bias incidents

The Columbus Police Department will now require its officers to provide reports on alleged bias incidents.

The Columbus Board of Works recently approved updates to CPD’s General Order 82, which pertains to Central Records.

Section 82.2.1 on field reporting states that officers must decide if a report is necessary “based on a combination of training, experience and supervisory direction.” It then provides a list that “includes, but is not limited to, general events that require a report.”

The list has been updated to include “When a person alleges a bias-motivated incident, whether or not a crime has been alleged or found.”

“That is an incident when we will need our officers to complete a report,” CPD Chief Michael Richardson told the board.

Other situations already on the list include an arrest, report of a missing person or runaway, investigation of a criminal act or any incident likely to bring liability on the officer, department or city. Additionally, reports should also be completed when mandated by a department directive or supervisor, new information is obtained on a previously report incident, search or arrest warrants are served, or an accident report is requested, according to the general order.

The section on forms used in field reporting has been updated as well.

The list previously included separate bullet points on missing adults and “Missing Children Clearinghouse.” The two items have been consolidated into one bullet point for “missing person.”