Letter: Role models like Anderson make world a better place, to be Frank

From: Dennis Brooks


While thinking about all the many hardships families are facing today from the current virus and reflecting on my own encounters with hardships throughout my life, I did some soul searching and determined what society needs today is a heck of a lot more Franks.

To explain this, you would have to walk in the shoes of a 14-year-old boy whose parents’ marriage had gone from resembling the TV show “The Waltons” to more like “The Jerry Springer Show.” That same 14-year-old boy would have to take off to town in his Dad’s pickup to warn his sister who was at work after school to not come home because Mom and Dad were fighting again. That 14-year-old boy would become the man of the house, try to hide his anger and resentment and watch his stable life slowly die.

He became a long-haired country boy, worked hard, bought a ‘66 fastback Mustang, and before long was kicked out of three high schools. One of those high schools he only attended a school dance with a date, had some apricot brandy and punched some innocent kid out.

While this young man was traveling on his own highway to hell, he knew he was not going to get there unless he got some new front tires. He stopped at Frank Anderson tire around closing time and asked Frank if he had any recaps for the Mustang. We wandered back into the store, and sure enough, Frank had them in stock. I inquired about the price and Frank said 30 bucks for the pair. I told him I would save my money and come back later. Frank replied, “You’re not leaving my store and driving around on those tires, young man.” He then asked, “Can you pay me five bucks a week?” I said, “Sure thing,” as I flipped my hair out of my eyes. Frank says, “Done deal, let’s get them on your car and you bring me five bucks a week.” I am sure I said “cool,” or maybe even “right on,” but anyway, it was nice to know someone who cared for me more than he cared about himself.

Why don’t we all just spread a little Frank around amongst ourselves and do the right thing? We can all get through these hardships together with a little help from a friend. And to Frank, thanks for being my friend!