Around Town – Jan. 21

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Jan. 21

Orchids to

Fred Barnett and the city garage for getting the mattress and old sofa picked up on Indianapolis Road, from Joyce.

the hard-working paper carrier couple on Box Turtle Court for consistent delivery to our doorstep.

the 8-1 Supreme Court ruling that will help expose the former leader’s lack of action when his supporters stormed the Capitol.

the new comedy show.

Thursday’s editorial on Indiana’s school bills and John Krull’s column.

all who realize that party affiliation should not be a required part of school board candidacy.

the political party that admitted that their plan is to do nothing.

the Republic for the editorial highlighting the issue with school bills and this very challenging approach to Indiana school issues.

guest columnist John Krull’s article.

Ant Blair for the wonderful column, well said.

Onions to

the ridiculous policy about bias reports heaped on our already overworked police.

the federal official bragging about low unemployment which is misleading because millions have dropped out of the job market.

politicians who seem to be living in an alternate universe.

those bullying, whether it be in school or in our nation’s Capitol.

Happy Birthday to

Wanda Hunter, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Mike Trimnell, from your family and Donna.

Lisa Harden, from Mom, Dad, and family.