Meridian Reynolds: Something helpful brewing at JCHS

Jennings County High School has many unique things, one of those being its own coffee cart program.

This is accessible to all high school students throughout the day. The cart offers lemonade, coffee and hot chocolate. Prices are very reasonable, with a small drink being 50 cents and a large drink being $1.

Roxanne Norton started the coffee cart with hopes of giving kids an opportunity to help them with job skills, to inspire them, and build confidence. She started this in the 2016-2017 school year.

Six years ago, Norton approached the then-principal, Tom Black, along with her department head, to discuss this opportunity to help students with job skills.

Students who work serving these drinks are working in the high school pre-employment vocational experience program. Beth Hamilton, Norton and Kim Piroso operate this program.

Money to fund the program comes from generous companies in town and through a grant that assists in purchasing items.

Money raised goes to buy other supplies and toward helping students with different needs such as senior trips, shirts, medical expenses, different food labs, cooking, clothing for students, and field trips.

“It’s a great opportunity for students to build confidence, self-esteem, relationships, interpersonal skills, understanding of money, order entry functions,” said Norton.

“Our programs offer a service to JCHS students and provide valuable working skills and experiences that will aid them in their work career.”