Around Town — Feb. 6

Orchids to

Jack, for shoveling us out. Your hard work is appreciated, from Julie and Debbie.

Rich, for being a kind and helpful good neighbor, especially when there’s a lot of snow, from Don and Patsy.

Art Winkler for all your help preparing for the winter storm and for clearing the driveway, from your family.

Grandson Brock, Carrie and Ian, for shoveling the driveway and around the house, from Grandad Don and Gramma Patsy.

the former vice president for his very limited condemnation of the defeated former president.

the good Samaritan who shoveled our driveway on Bitterwood Court Thursday.

the great ladies at the post office who provide wonderful service and “go the extra mile” to serve us from Linda Chui.

Bill Porter for clearing our walk, and to Joe and Nic Zito for Clearing our driveway, from Dave.

neighbor Ben for cleaning our driveways on Champion Court, from LaDonna Hall.

Thomas Heller for his spot-on letter, the solution should be at the ballot box.

the young man who used his snow blower to clean our drive and sidewalks on Deerbrook Drive but would not accept anything for doing it, from Roger and Karen Neptune.

Sandie, for always being so helpful, from Carol G.

Rockcreek girls fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade basketball teams, and thank you to all the coaches, cheerleaders and staff, from No. 3’s grandma.

Scott Keen for his excellent letter in The Republic.

letters to the editor expressing exceptionally good views from Mark Duwe, Ronald Wilkinson and Scott Keen.

H K Auto for the lovely flowers, from Millie.

the person who found my credit card and turned it in at the service desk at Kroger.

Joyce and David Neville for doing our driveway and sidewalks, from the Pattons.

Bob, Matt and Tyson for the removal of snow from the street in our neighborhood.

John Woods for snow blowing all our sidewalks and outlining driveways and roads, from Debra and your Northfield condo neighbors.

467,000 jobs added in January.

Phil Westerfield, from the residents of Cherry Hills for the much appreciated snow removal and for doing Mom and Dad Rooks’ and Tiny’s driveways.

Scott Keen and Ron Wilkinson for their spot-on letters.

Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger for their work on the Jan. 6 committee finding the truth, from a former Republican who is now an Independent.

Steve Bryant for cleaning our sidewalk and driveway, from Bruce and Debbie.

The federal elected official, members of Congress, the Jan. 6 insurrection committee, and all those working hard to save our democracy from a wannabe dictator.

Cousin John, for cleaning my driveway on Flintwood Drive.

the person who shoveled snow from my driveway and sidewalks, from Dick Garvey.

Doug, for clearing our driveway, from your very grateful neighbors.

Daryl Lucas, for always taking care of neighbors’ driveways in snowy weather.

Representatives in Congress for standing up for the truth.

Rory McCoy, for helping Overlook Court neighbors with snow removal.

Kathy Roemmel of Columbus for the beautiful picture in Take Your Best Shot, and thanks for your environmental concern.

The primary challenger for state representative for providing a much-needed GOP voice of sanity and responsibility to counter our divisive, irresponsible culture warrior representative.

City of Columbus Snow Force for an outstanding job treating and plowing our streets. Your work is much appreciated. From KB.

the angel on 30th Street who shoveled my driveway. God bless you.

the great editorial in Thursday’s edition of the paper.

Happy Birthday to

Terry Rosenberger.

Leslie Baker, from Mom and Mike.

ANOTHER beautiful morning

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