Around Town – March 5

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Orchids to

the Jan. 6 committee for getting to the bottom of the criminal acts of the previous administration.

City Garage for picking up our brush so fast in a timely matter, thank you, from Carol.

the amazing chorus of song emmiting from frogs at the east end of Ogle Lake in Brown County State Park.

Ronald Wilkinson for your very accurate letter!

the Congressional committee documenting the former president was directly involved in a criminal conspiracy to overturn the 2020 free and fair election results.

those who voted to expand health care for veterans exposed to toxins despite 174 Republicans who voted against the bill.

the couple who paid for our lunch on Thursday at Cracker Barrel, thank you!

Michael Leppert and his awesome, true column on Thursday.

Tammy Fields for your devotion and dedication to First Union Methodist Church.

Onions to

the top official who reprimanded several school children for wearing masks when he went to their school to give a speech.

people who drive huge vehicles and complain about gas prices.

childish representatives who should do their jobs instead of tweeting nonsense and lies about the opposite party and our president.

the big lie our president told in his speech that our border is under control.

the local representative voting against the burn pit legislation to help veterans, proving again he doesn’t care about his constituents.

the ex-federal official for four embarrassing years of putting himself first. Now he wants a redo!

the guest columnist for writing the article.

the company hiring new employees and paying them well but neglecting dedicated employees who have worked there for years.

company that only gives inflation raises, never merit raises.

the company quick to jump on convenient social issues, but quiet when their products and services are used to kill innocent civilians.

rude and classless representatives who yell out during the State of the Union speech.

politicians who let the fringe elements of their party keep us from getting independence from Russian oil.

the city for trying to copy and be like Carmel.

representaive for disregarding our veterans by voting against their health care.

Happy Birthday to

Ainoa Mazeika, from your family, coworkers and Donna.

John Benjamin Harker.

April Retz, from Braelynn, Dad, Missy, Katie, Alyson, Tommi, Lily and Grandma.