Letter: Former sheriff, sergeant support Lindsey Holden-Kay for prosecutor

From: Sheriff Kenneth J. Whipker, sheriff (retired) and Sgt. Andrew J. Whipker


It is time to get tough on crime again in Bartholomew County. The election of our next prosecuting attorney will determine how we, the citizens of Bartholomew County, believe criminals should be prosecuted. Lindsey Holden-Kay holds the key to this process.

Kenneth worked at the sheriff’s office from 1980-2007 and served two terms as sheriff from 1999-2006 and retired in 2007. Andrew is now a deputy sheriff/sergeant, having served since 2014. As we are two generations of deputy sheriffs at the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office, we both strongly believe Lindsey is the only candidate who can fulfill the obligations of meeting the citizens’ needs and ensure that justice will be delivered in our local courts.

It is time to get tough on crime again! No more free passes, and it is time to ensure repeat offenders are not allowed to be released from jail. It is time to bring efficiency back into our courts again. With Lindsey as prosecutor, swift, fair, and sure justice will prevail in our local courts. This process will ensure that all victims are heard, outcomes delivered in a very timely process, and that a representative from the prosecutor’s office will be at all major critical incidents for observing the investigative process.

With acts of violence, drug crimes, alcohol offenses, and a continual process of criminals failing to appear in court, it is very important to have a prosecutor who knows that law enforcement is more important than ever. As a former deputy prosecutor, Lindsey knows how to deal with such criminals and her office will ensure that all victims’ and law enforcement voices are heard.

Lastly, there is no surprise that Lindsey is strongly supported by our local sheriffs deputies and Columbus police. With that in mind, we strongly support Lindsey Holden-Kay as the next Bartholomew County prosecutor.

Editor’s note: This letter is paid political content. It is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.