Letter: Renewable solar energy is responsible stewardship

From: Lois Bonnell


America is in transition, moving toward renewable energy. Sustainability, cost, environmental benefits, and the need to reduce our dependence on foreign countries are all reasons for this direction. There is not one singular perfect solution; there is a combination of solutions (such as solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal & biomass) that can do great things for a cleaner environment and for us and our future. Progress with renewable energy is continuing, as it should be. Climate change is widespread and intensifying.

Solar is one of the oldest, cleanest and most abundant forms of renewable energy available. I want to be a part of the progress toward renewable energy, so I have chosen to lease a portion of the land I own for a solar development. These solar fields are well-maintained with the planting of deep root pollinators under panels for added benefits to the environment. In addition, on my land, I plan to add and maintain beehives, small shrubs and evergreens to keep my local flora and fauna.

I embrace the change toward renewable energy and increased domestic independence, and my actions speak louder than words by farming solar instead of crops and harvesting honey instead of corn and soybeans on the portion of my land that I choose to lease. This solar project is not only an opportunity for me to have a more reliable source of income, but also an opportunity for me to continue being a steward of the land in a new way, a responsibility that I take very seriously.