Around Town – May 21

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May 21

Orchids to

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church for hosting the wonderful Craft, Hobby and Bake Sale, from a satisfied customer.

great drinks, great food, and great people at Savage Distillery.

the editorial in Friday’s Republic regarding the danger of racial rhetoric that pollutes right-wing media outlets.

believing concern for a life doesn’t end at the birth.

the kind gentleman who purchased our “last day of school” donuts at Donut Central, we hope you like the cold brew!

the Republic editorial staff for Friday’s editorial calling out those in the media who are spewing hate rhetoric.

Herman Fields for his letter.

Donald Demas’ letter.

Herman Fields for a great letter, from Lee Shipman.

Tony at Kay Jeweler’s for fixing my Mother’s Day ring, from Sharon P.

a great editorial.

Dr. Christopher Stevens for his kindness and care.

Herman Fields for your spot-on letter.

Susan for helping my granddaughter, from Sharon Phillips.

Donald Demas for his letter.

Onions to

the lady in the car that hit a bicycle rider and took off.

voting against feeding the babies we’re forcing poor women to give birth to.

the store with poor management and training of new employees, leaving a new hire alone and then getting upset about mistakes.

the baby formula shortage, an indication of unfettered capitalism, deregulated production and unrestrained monopolies, not socialism.

the Jan. 6 insurrection leader leading his party, his endorsement is sought by political candidates and there’s talk of him running for re-election.

the columnist, why not pay all immigrants $20 an hour to work at McDonalds, then your Big Mac will now cost $15, want fries with that?

needing to be reminded facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable.

tough-boy 18-year-olds in both Buffalo and Columbus, guns and chaos; they’re about to find out what real tough is in prison.

the former guy who thinks he is going to live forever.

the elected leaders boasting all about protecting girls in sports while eagerly awaiting the opportunity to force pregnancy on them.

the two dump trucks that would not yield when merging on to the highway.

the business substituting three of four prizes given for a contest.

the Electoral College, needs to be in the past and our elections cannot be gamed and everyone’s vote really counts as it should.

Happy Birthday to

Misty Whitaker, from the Morrow family.

Happy Anniversary to

Ronald and Nancy (Murphy) Speer on No. 50, from family (Marcus Speer).

Ronald and Nancy Murphy Speer on No. 50, from John Tinkey.