Around Town – June 2

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June 2

Orchids to

Teddy Saddoris for your recent column.

the great article by Dr. Teddy Saddoris.

Kelly Kennedy, thank you for a wonderful job at the library, you will be missed.

Susan Kuehner and Sheryl and Kevin Grow for building the little lending library at Harrison Lake.

the Republic editorial about common sense gun laws.

Curtis at Verizon for taking the time to correct the update problem on my husband’s Samsung phone on Wednesday.

the editorial on common sense gun law reform, it’s long overdue.

Michael Meyer for the amazing photo of Abraham Lincoln on Mount Rushmore.

the Republic on the excellent editorial titled “Time to Act on Common Sense, Gun Law Reform.”

Teddy Saddoris’ article in Sunday’s paper.

Onions to

the craft and hobby show selling tarot cards, books on witches and warlocks.

those who think an omnipotent God is everywhere but believe we have kept him out of schools.

the man in the white pickup truck that took mulch from the gardens and left.

the cowardly lyin’.

not recognizing that if all weapons were made illegal they would profusely flow through the open border by the cartels.

thinking that you can secure a large school to the point where it is virtually a penitentiary!

those who keep thinking that only Christians can be good, honest, patriotic Americans.

taking no responsibility for the precarious state our country is in, offering no solutions, blaming others for the bad but taking credit for the good.

voters who continue to vote for the political party that refuses to do anything serious about gun safety.

hypocritical pro-abortion politicians who refuse to do anything to stop the senseless slaughter of innocent babies.

Happy Birthday to

Elaine Pavone, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Callie Amelia Swegman, lots of love from all your family.

Muggsy Lynch, from Butch, Mom, Dale, Kyla, Sarah, Zoe, Ethan, Flynn, and Josie.

Happy Belated Birthday to

Justin Bailey on No. 31, from Jeff and Debi Bailey.

Gene Perkinson, love Mom and all the family.