Around Town – June 3

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

June 3

Orchids to

Our Hospice of South Central Indiana for the compassion and care that was given to Jack Moffatt, from the family.

the Mary Beth Clauss letter.

the Republic for the great editorial page in Thursday’s edition.

Dr. Sutherlin and Dr. Hernacki for their professionalism and caring, from Brenda.

Mitch at Midwest Computer Solutions for always having an excellent response to my computer challenges, from Mrs. A.

some kind of gun control, tell your representatives now is the time to pass legislation for logical gun laws.

Onions to

witnessing a possible hate crime involving ethnic slurs in a parking lot and not reporting it to police, if you see something, say something.

the utility company whose heartfelt “thank you” doesn’t replace the groceries that I lost during the outage.

the coach for only playing his favorite nine players.

the elitist federal government not taking responsibility for the economic destruction of the American working class.

people who take their dog on long walks, or on a run during hot days, heat stroke is real.

two-way traffic on Washington Street in the downtown area.

the hypocrite pro-life politicians against regulating the very type of weapon that kills not only adults but children as well.

the country putting a freeze on handguns but decriminalizing fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine in small amounts.

another day, yet another mass shooting in America and nothing but “thoughts and prayers” from spineless politicians kowtowing to the gun lobby.

driver of a vehicle with a vulgar sticker for children to read.

the alleged pro-life party that refuses to rein in the culture of death caused by unwillingness to control weapons of war.

telecommunications company who hasn’t restored full phone service since the storm on May 21.

people in town that don’t care if the gas and grocery prices skyrocket.

the greedy petroleum companies who keep raising gas 25 cents every other week.

people in the apartment complex who lie and backstab.

the guy in the pickup who ran the stop sign, caused a serious accident, and didn’t stop.

the current administration for making a martyr out of a convicted felon, drug dealer and drug addict.

the poor drainage on the newly remodeled Taylor Road.

Happy Birthday to

Crystal Rickard, from your family and many friends.

Gordon Skinner, from your family.

Tommie Krager, from your family and Donna.