Around Town — June 9

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Orchids to

Coach Shipp, for being a positive enthusiastic coach on every play.

the kind lady who paid for my groceries at Kroger June 4, thank you from a very senior citizen!

Susan Criswell for scoring a hole in one on the fifth hole at Greenbelt June 5.

Tom Lane for his common sense letter.

Abby at Traditions for going above and beyond for my mother.

Onions to

not investing some of the millions in COVID-19 relief funds on improving and expanding the emergency warning system to better protect the community.

how long it is taking to relocate a stop sign at Rocky Ford and Talley Road which is hidden by a tree and a bike lane sign.

the church trying to solicit money from dead members and their families to build a columbarium.

the same people that attend every rally, vigil or high dollar cocktail party, it’s all symbolism without substance.

parents who allow their children to play basketball in the street.

all our leaders who aren’t doing anything about high gas and grocery prices.

the city for having the highest gas prices in four surrounding counties.

high gas prices, hope the city doesn’t expect me to mow every week.

the grocery store with check-out lines so long and slow that frozen foods melt before leaving the store.

gas prices going up to $7 a gallon soon and the people in town who don’t care if it does.

media for constantly using the vulgar term “white supremacy” in covering the horrendous shootings, further dividing Americans regardless of the color of our skin.

our representatives that co-authored and supported permitless carry in this state, contrary to the wishes of our law enforcement officers.

saying the president has nothing to do with gas prices but giving him credit when the prices briefly went down.

only giving one day to honor those who sacrificed their lives for this country but giving a whole month to other causes.

the administration for destroying our country in just 17 short months.

politicians who hire Hollywood producers to run their dog and pony show.

Happy Birthday to

Jim Kelly, from your family and Donna.

Jill McCain, from the Morrow family.

Tabitha Parlow, from Dad, Debbie and Julie.

John Woods, from Larry and Kay.

Happy Anniversary to

my husband Mike on No. 66, from Diana.