Around Town – June 14

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June 14

Orchids to

Bartholomew County REMC for doing what it can to prevent power blackouts and keeping us informed if it does happen.

John Tinkey for continued support to the Bartholomew County 4-H Fair; providing coffee and distributing fair books, from Bartholomew County 4-H Fair Board.

Michael Leppert for his column.

Tony, code enforcement, for doing a good job and improving our environment.

the young lady who paid for my groceries at Dollar General Saturday evening, from the old man.

Duke Energy for fixing the street light at 14th and Pearl streets.

making the assault rifle a single-issue vote in the next election, the majority will prevail and we will all be safer.

Onions to

the local politician voting against gun legislation, just like he voted against the Jan. 6 committee investigating those who wanted to hang his brother.

no matter how many laws you have concerning judges, there will still be criminals who will violate them.

not knowing sky marshals were put on planes after 9/11 and reduced hijackings to zero.

wanting to grow government by changing class status.

the school official saying all exterior doors are locked when they aren’t.

not implementing price control on gasoline sales.

the representative and all the rest of his party for voting against the gun legislation.

the representative for voting against the gun law.

sports team families at the city park blocking the way for walkers and bikers with their chairs and grills.

the federally elected official who wants all of Mexico to live in America.

the wife of a Supreme Court justice for using her position to try to subvert the results of the 2020 presidential election.

the people flying a Russian flag off of Central Avenue and Rocky Ford Road.

not realizing the administration is not taking guns away from law-abiding citizens, but only those who use them for violent acts.

needing to rethink road expansions, with the price of gas, no one will be driving on them.

the so-called leader who is clueless about the economy and everything else that’s going on in our country.

a license to purchase and possess an assault rifle is not required, but is to hunt, fish, drive a car, build a house, cut hair – beyond ridiculous!

comparing teachers to the sky marshals that are trained to do only one thing.

people making remarks about guns who don’t know one gun from another.

wanting gun control when a large tragedy happens, but are silent when the media reports gun violence in the inner cities nearly every day.

hearing about changing gun control laws and nothing about greatly increased help for those with mental illness.

the cold-hearted struggling church that thinks they can run a whole church virtually without human beings.

not understanding global inflation and high gas prices are from record profits used for stock buybacks instead of lowering prices, none of which the president controls.

Happy Birthday to

Gregory Dinkins, from your family.

Mary Beth Wood, from your family, Mary Beth and Donna.

Happy Belated Birthday to

Donna Trevle, from Pat, Mike, and family.

Happy Anniversary to

Wayne Lee on No. 46, from Patty Lee.