Around Town – June 15

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June 15

Orchids to

investigating the Capitol attack, the truth it has exposed, and the lengths people will go in an abuse of power at the highest levels of our government.

the previous president who kept us safe and having a economy where we all thrived. We sure miss him!

Sherry Anderson for the delicious meatloaf sandwich and water.

Asbury United Methodist Church for the fantastic Vacation Bible School.

Gabby Duncan for being team dancer of the year.

Onions to

those who supported and promoted the former official’s stolen election claim, and continue to do so, thereby becoming liars themselves.

whoever is responsible for the atrocious smelling portable restroom on Tipton Lakes Boulevard.

not realizing the sky marshal program began March 1962 and not after 9/11.

the former federal elected official for scamming his supporters out of hundreds of millions of dollars, like the fraud fund.

anyone not watching the House committee hearings because Fox won’t cover it except when they can talk over it.

paying for downtown parking.

not realizing honest investigators do not cherry pick witnesses and edit tapes.

the administration for drowning us with inflation and not being able to realize what he’s doing to the working people.

whoever stole my herb plants that were planted inmy front yard.

the entrapment on Jan. 6 in Washington D.C.

companies not setting up job fairs at food pantries.

the neighborhood association that harasses residents regarding attending a neighborhood meeting.

Happy Birthday to

Dawn Coomer from Pat and Mike.

Linda Perkinson, love Mom and all the family.

Happy Belated Anniversary to

Ed and Laura Bowen on No. 70, from Rick, Lee, and the girls.