Council increases sheriff sale fee

The Bartholomew County Council has approved raising the fee that the county can charge for sheriff sales.

The council voted unanimously to raise the maximum fee from $200 to $300 to keep pace with an increase in fees being charged by the company that the county uses to manage the sales.

The company, SRI Inc., will raise its fees from $100 to $180 next month, said Cpt. Brandon Slate of the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department during the meeting.

Based in Indianapolis, SRI Inc. is tax sale and mortgage foreclosure facilitator operating in seven states, including Indiana. The sheriff’s department has contracted with SRI Inc. since 2019.

“The county currently brings in $100 per sale,” Slate said during Tuesday’s council meeting. “…If the council decides not to update the ordinance, we lose $80 per sale.”

In Indiana, a sheriff sale is the result of a court-ordered bank foreclosure for the non- payment of a standard monthly mortgage. The foreclosing entity is required to pay the fee, the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department said.