Editorial: Father’s Day gives Hoosier dads a grilling

The Republic email bag is at all times overflowing with information of varying degrees of importance and usefulness to our loyal readers. (That is a kind way of saying that finding relevant email can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.)

But we discard those emails we may think are useless spam at the very peril of our same loyal readers, and what kind of service is that? To wit, we’re received much email of late pertaining to the occasion of this being Father’s Day.

So dads, families, and those showing a little extra affection and gratitude to Dear Old Dad today, may we first say Happy Father’s Day. Further, as a special gift that you did not ask for, might not want and cannot return, we are semi-thrilled to present you with custom-made Father’s Day information that you may not have known about. We are, after all, in the information business.

This information comes direct from our aforementioned email bag, which is open to contributions from all, or at least certainly does seem like it most days.

Oh, here’s one.

If your Father’s Day plans include lazing around the house, grilling and chilling with the family, guess what? You are a model Hoosier papa!

So says no less an authority than time2play.com, which has used what we are certain are very highly scientific, peer-reviewed, double-blind methods to discern what dads want this Father’s Day in all 50 states.

And in Indiana, dads most want a family barbecue, this survey says. In fact, time2play.com divines that dads in Indiana are part of what might be called the Great Father’s Day Barbecue Belt, which generally stretches from Kentucky to Minnesota. Except for Iowa and Ohio, where dads prefer a day out with family. Also, Michiganders just would rather sleep in, survey says.

You can see what the rest of America’s dads want at time2play.com/blog/what-dads-want-for-fathers-day.

Here’s another.

Something called LawnStarter.com is also in the Father’s Day email racket for some reason, and they sent us an email touting groundbreaking research just in time for Father’s Day. This one ranked “2022’s Best Cities for Single Dads.”

We presumed the rankings in a study by an outfit called LawnStarter would be heavily weighted toward the local purchase of weed-and-feed product, but their email soon set us straight. “We compared 200 of the biggest U.S. cities based on 36 factors indicating single dad-friendliness, such as child care access and costs, social programs, and dad support groups.” Thirty-six factors? Wow! Maybe weed-and-feed sales was a component after all.

Anyway, the Columbus area is in the Indianapolis region for purposes of this particular study, and Indy came in 67th best out of 200 for single dads. Meh.

The best city for single dads, according to LawnStarter, is Naperville, Illinois. The worst? Sunrise Manor, Nevada. Okee-dokee.

You can find the whole list at lawnstarter.com/blog/studies/best-cities-single-dads. And while you’re there, you can also check out some of LawnStarter’s other research titles, such as “2022’s Best Cities for Naked Gardening.” Don’t ask. We didn’t click on that one.

Once again, Happy Father’s Day. And drop us an email anytime at [email protected] If we read these, we’ll certainly read yours!