Around Town – June 21

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

June 21

Orchids to

John Krull for his column.

Richard and LuAnn Maddaloni for a great time Saturday night and your hospitality was unbelievable, from Roger Bean.

the Columbus firefighter who stopped and helped me push my broken down car to the garage.

the caring folks who showed concern for the dog Buddy.

those who make their pets part of the family and not leave them in a pen 24/7.

Doris Childers for the great shot of a heron in Monday’s edition, from Sheila.

the kind woman for being willing to get arrested to make sure the Australian shepherd was OK.

Onions to

the social media group with nothing better to do than harass anyone who doesn’t agree with their narrative.

the neighbors with a huge cement giraffe in their yard — it is tacky

the county officials for not having common sense that animals cannot survive in this heat.

not understanding that riverfronts, sports complexes and conference centers won’t matter if we can’t afford to drive there,

people not understanding that all the riverfronts, sport complexes and conference centers won’t matter if we can’t afford to drive there.

people who keep their dog in an outside pen or tied to a dog house 24/7 in all kinds of weather. Why own a dog?

rolling blackouts.

law enforcement needing to check the speed limits on Central Avenue from National Road to the airport.

the school corporation for keeping an employee who had several no-call/no-shows.

law enforcement for wasting deputies and gasoline on multiple trips to the same farm dog.

those who continue to dispute the truth, even when facts are presented to you step by step, that’s what got us here in the first place.

the county with such weak ordinances on animal care, update them so animals are not suffering in extreme temperatures their owner’s whim.

the neighbor running a saw all day long on Saturday, disturbing the peace and tranquility of our neighborhood.

the former federal official who also said on Jan. 6, “We’re going to fight like hell,” then sent a tweet criticizing the VP for doing his Constitutional duty.

scam commercials.

the political party that just removed the word democracy from their platform.

not understanding that county employees are taxpayers too.

grown adults who borrow without asking, which is just a step above stealing.

those in ignorant bliss, stepping off the curb into traffic and are nearly hit while never looking up from their cell phone.

government not realizing that if you flood people with money it will cause inflation.

overzealous animal rights activists taking our overworked police away from human emergencies, harassing a couple with an adequately cared for outdoor pet.

those who think they are changing people’s minds by repeating slanderous accusations.

the weedy landscape on State Street.

Happy Birthday to

Michelle Drysdale, from all your family.