Letter: Another alternative offered for paid parking downtown

From: Wilford Lutes


Recently The Republic published an article that a high-paid company has recommended that the city of Columbus put in parking meters that would require at least $1 to park for a period of time.

I believe I have a better idea. Have a limit of one or two hours to park in the downtown area. Then have a person with legal authority to mark a certain place on one of the tires. Return after the time limit, and mark tires again. If this person marking tires sees a vehicle already marked, then a ticket is placed on this vehicle for an amount that would make the owner not do this again.

There are businesses in the downtown area that a person may come to and make a quick purchase and then leave. If the city passes a law to charge $1 or more to park for a few minutes, then most will just find a store selling the same thing outside of downtown.