Letter: Catholic? Says who? Polls cannot override teachings

From: Paul Leddy


A recent article in our newspaper, The Republic (“Poll details rift between lay Catholics, bishops,” June 11), described differences of opinion between self-professed Catholics and Catholic bishops over abortion and the reception of Communion at our Catholic liturgy of the Mass.

Abortion has been prohibited by the Church for over 2,000 years since Jesus Christ was on the Earth. That moral foundation has never varied. It’s not up for a vote. We Catholics believe we have an eternal soul, and that God will judge us after our body dies.

Alleged Catholics President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lead efforts to support abortion rights nationwide. These cafeteria Catholics pick and choose which commandments to follow.

Catholic leaders are tasked to help us save our eternal souls. As such, they must point out sin as evil, and that those who lead others to sin are putting their own souls in jeopardy. The withholding of Communion (the actual body and blood of Christ) is not a weapon but a loving warning that one’s own eternal soul is in grave danger. It is only done as a last resort and out of concern for their eternal salvation.

The article went on to follow a routine narrative these days of “us vs. them,” “religion vs. politics, etc.,” but when each of us faces our own final judgment there won’t be an opinion poll, just Jesus and us. Did we try to follow His teachings during our life on Earth? Or did we persist in following the convenient, politically correct path and violate moral teachings?

Regarding the primacy of right to life over all other rights, one Catholic leader attempted to equate the evil of abortion with other social evils such as gun violence, drugs, starving people, climat change, etc.

However, life is necessarily first before any other rigths. Don’t believe it? Hold your breath. Now what rights do you have without breathing?