Zoo to debut tiger triplets

INDIANAPOLIS — A set of triplet tiger cubs born to first-time mom Zoya at the Indianapolis Zoo are preparing for their debut in mid-September.

The triplets, one female cub and two males, will be named through a community campaign this month that is to be announced by the zoo soon.

The cubs’ father is 14-year-old Pavel. Zoya was born in the zoo in 2014.

Zoo officials said it is unlikely the cubs will ever be introduced to or in the same space with Zoya. Tigers are solitary by nature and Zoya is not raising them. The zoo’s animal care team is hand-raising the cubs – they will be bottle-fed for 12 weeks.

In the wild, habitat loss, human-tiger conflict and poaching are leading to declines in Amur tiger populations. They’ve lost almost 95% of their territories – one tiger has a large individual territory.

To view more photos and video of the cubs, visit Indianapoliszoo.com.