Around Town – July 6

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July 6

Orchids to

May twins.

the weather cooperating at the the weekend Harrison Lakes fireworks, best ever!

Braelynn Browning for helping me clean the chairs, from grandma.

Cassidy Hutchinson for her courage, patriotism, and determination to speak the truth resulting in more witnesses coming forward.

the Jan. 6 committee who has done everything right.

Margaret J. Smith who in 1950 had the courage to do what so many powerful men did not at the height of McCarthism, and to Liz Chaney and Cassidy Hutchinson, who stepped forward to tell the truth.

Darren Collins for all you have done to make the 4-H fair so awesome, from Cindy and Cheryl.

all the volunteers, fair board, and participants for making our 4-H fair great again this year.

Donna Tull for her outstanding organ playing on July 3 at First Baptist Church.

everybody who helped us look for a lost dog on Saturday night, appreciate your help.

Pastor Teike at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church for the message we needed to hear.

Onions to

the people at the Harrison Lake fireworks whose scared dog barked the entire time, next time please have sense enough to leave the dog home.

not realizing that if you allow everyone to have guns, they will kill people.

uncaring neighbors in Royal View flying vulgar flags in front of our children.

the old white male who used profanity against a family trying to have a happy 4th of July.

anyone who thinks it is OK for virtually anyone to carry a gun into churches, schools, or anywhere else without proper background checks.

anyone who believes that an election will end the high price of crude oil or gasoline.

the news media giving mass murderers a free pass, by excusing their shootings as mentally disturbed, which only encourages copycats.

the political party’s mistreatment of women in this country.

our gated community and the terrible conditions of our lake which will attract mosquitos.

people who don’t realize that the Supreme Court’s only function is to determine constitutionality of any ruling, not backing a government or making any rules.

those who marched and threatened Supreme Court justices before they even knew what their ruling would be and after it was ruled on, they won’t wait to see how their states will rule on it.

the article printing only one side of the story. There is a pro-life side that is not mentioned.

columnists who appear to be living in an alternate universe.

Happy Birthday to

Kimberly Thompson, from Brian.

Todd Baker, from Eagle group and family and friends.

David A. Chadd, from friends at Bethel Baptist Church.

Alison and Greg Simo, from the Weddle bunch.

Kyle Fillenworth, from your family and Donna.