Around Town – July 7

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

July 7

Orchids to

President Biden’s decision to boost land, sea and air power in Europe in response to the Ukraine invasion.

Cassidy Hutchinson for her heroism, bravery, and courage to tell the truth to the American people about the insurrection cause by a lie.

the family who found our missing dog Saturday night and returned her, thank you.

those willing to give up their guns to make us all safer.

Dennis Huber for his letter to the editor. Yepper!

William Gerhard for his letter to the editor. Great job!

whoever bought our dinner at Amazing Joe’s on Tuesday night.

the interesting framing of the First Christian Church through the library window pictured on the front page of Wednesday’s Republic.

Aaliyah McGowen on your one-year volunteering anniversary at Turning Point. The donation closet has never looked better.

Becky Morone, happy one-year volunteer anniversary at Turning Point.

Linda Thompson for taking time from your busy weekend and helping me teach pickleball to out-of-town youths, from Cindy.

the very kind, thoughtful person who paid for my order at the Taco Bell drive-thru on July 4.

the people that bought my family dinner Saturday at Cracker Barrel, from an American Vietnam vet.

Russell Barr of Barr Plumbing for doing a great job on my new kitchen faucets, much appreciated, from Mr. Phelps.

Dan the outdoor guy at Four Seasons Retirement Center, you are missed, from the residents.

everyone at Dunn Stadium Tuesday evening who assisted my daughter when she become ill, thank you.

Matt Ludwig at First Christian Church for the patriotic arrangement on Sunday and those who accompanied him.

Dr. Boehner and Kim at Pankratz Eye Institute for being patient and kind during my eye surgery, from Alex.

my birth mother for giving me up for adoption 74 years ago and my parents for giving me a good childhood.

Onions to

legislators who won’t get rid of assault weapons and weapons of war to protect Americans.

those that think that the Founding fathers felt 18-year-olds should have access to high-capacity assault rifles.

the inappropriate behavior of the federal elected official by criticizing a Supreme Court decision while on foreign soil.

rolling blackouts.

anyone who doesn’t think an election will lower the price of gas.

the homeowner building a treehouse in his front yard that is a violation of the zoning law; structure overlooking the street makes the location unsafe for children.

the person who stole 11 American flags from my yard on Lookout Ridge Drive.

the representative who makes statements concerning false flags, racist comments, and attacking public schools.

the fake Jan. 6 committee that has done nothing right.

the political party that seems to want to destroy their political opponents and never stop.

the person who thinks all flags are vulgar.

Happy Birthday to

Toni Abbott, from your family and Donna.

Monty Montgomery, from Sande.

Happy Anniversary to

Jim and Ada England, from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.