Around Town – July 9

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July 9

Orchids to

Margret Chase Smith who in 1950 had the courage to do what so many powerful men did not at the height of McCarthyism, and Liz Chaney and Cassidy Hutchison who stepped forward to tell the truth.

hopefully a future of women governing the world — the men are not doing such a great job.

the guest editorialists’ spot-on message about a local but far-out politician!

Madelyn, Albany, and Colton Speer.

all the volunteers from the Yellow Trail Museum and Main Street of Hope for putting on a successful Old Fashioned Independence Day.

John Krull for his truth-telling and efforts to wake Indiana up to the sad, clueless representatives who make our laws.

Great Britain’s political party for holding their leader accountable and requiring him to resign, which is what should have happened in the U.S. after the first impeachment.

Jack Norton at Right Choice Heating & Air for the prompt service on my A/C unit, from Jay.

Cameryn, the nice, friendly, and pleasant cashier at the Jay C food center for your careful attention as you packed each item of my groceries.

Michael Leppert for his June 26 and July 6 guest columns!

the Toyota Associates for braving the rain to do litter sweeps on Lift Our Community Day, from Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Center.

John Krull’s for his excellent guest column.

city workers Casey and Danny for the terrific job helping the Let’s Grow Garden Club replant Friendship Alley.

Jim Lucas for an outstanding column which set the record straight.

Joshua at Kroger for going above and beyond to assist a customer.

Onions to

the executive director who can’t be bothered to show up to his own firework event, even when being paid to do so.

area restaurants, how sanitary is it to wipe both tabletops and chairs, while using the same cleaning rag?

anyone who does not understand that Cassidy Hutchison’s testimony was hearsay and not allowable in a real courtroom.

the Indiana representative for his lame excuses regarding his outrageous statement.

the local representative who makes beyond-the-pale comments and then tries to walk them back.

our “state rep”. Yes, serious mistakes were made, investigations were required, but you and your friends were the only people out of millions in the nation (maybe the world) who thought it “might be a false flag” event in Uvalde.

the representative who stands by his questions out there where the trains don’t run.

the local state representative for his feeble attempt to justify his ludicrous comments on the Uvalde shooting as a false flag.

the local legislator who wrote trying to pathetically explain his false flag accusations.

those who make excuses for the lawless behavior for the former leader.

the administration that is currently selling oil from the United States Strategic Reserve to other countries.

those that don’t realize that the profit margin of Apple Inc. is much higher than oil companies, yet we still complain about oil companies’ profit margins.

the representative who continues to promote gun ownership and the Second Amendment but questions how a mass shooting could happen again.

the pickup truck with the loud bass that rarely ever slows down at the stop signs in Northbrook.

not enforcing the gun laws we already have.

the representative who continues to backpedal after making horrendous statements.

leaders who give awards to people who show contempt for the United States.

Happy Birthday to

Debbie Estes, from your family and friends.

Staci Hufty, from your family and Donna.

Joyce Bragg, from your family, Leta and Donna.

Charles Houser, from the Mill Race Center Tuesday Bible study group.

Abigail Griffin, from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

Tabatha Renee Blair, from Mom, Dad, Kevin, and Terri.

Charles V. Houser on the big 90.

Happy Belated Birthday to

Rhonda Kelley, from Mom and Tom.