March births

Vinodh Tirupathi and Nirisha Chiguruvada, daughter, March 1.

Brittney Marie Lawson, daughter, March 1.

James Alan Mee and Olivia Peyton King, daughter, March 2.

Ezequiel Hernandez and Rosa Lidia Blanco, daughter, March 2.

Leticia Rosas Ramirez, daughter, March 2.

Timothy Raye Crawford and Jessica Aires Crawford, son, March 2.

Christian Wayne Leroy Baker and Allie Renee Castillo, daughter, March 6.

Jacob Dale Bostic and Alaysia Jane Bostic, son, March 7.

Siddharth Obla Manikantan and Deepika Devi Thoppay Mothilal, son, March 7.

Evan David Elsbury and Sarah Marie Elsbury, daughter, March 8.

Hugo Rafael Lopez Salas and Ana Karen Garcia Gonzalez, daughter, March 8.

Joshua David Morris and Catherine Anne Morris, daughter, March 8.

Sarah Elise Coe, daughter, March 10.

Darren Wayne Gertsen and Brooke Nicole Gertsen, daughter, March 10.

Reginald Orlanders Andrews and Brandi Lynne Andrews, daughter, March 10.

Braden Keith Pelley and Kyley Lynn Pelley, daughter, March 10.

Allen Ray Blount and Kelsay Lynne Mundy, daughter, March 11.

Robert Scott Nugent and Amanda Mae Schoolcraft, son, March 11.

Cotey Michael Barnhart and Mary Kathryn Barnhart, son, March 11.

Eric Edward Hunt and Natalie Jane Hunt, daughter, March 12.

Bruce Alexander Eugene Caffee and Brenda Makayla Cox, son, March 12.

Kody Ray Knott and Jami Sue Knott, son, March 12.

Amey Terwadkar and Madhura Amey Terwadkar, son, March 14.

Jackson Bryce McNeal Shipley and Stacy Michelle Shipley, son, March 14.

Brandon Marshall Holcomb and Tiffany Cheri Holcomb, son, March 14.

Clayton Gerard Koch and BreAnn Nichole Koch, son, March 14.

Alan Chacon Gomez and Erika Sarahi Chacon, son, March 15.

Tyler Jordan Adams and Lindsey Nicole Williams, son, March 15.

Harley Zachary Matthews and Sapphire Jeweline Carnrike, son, March 15.

Gregory Thomas Lee and Cassandra Briqalle Kopp, son, March 15.

Billy Clayton Windfield Champion and Jala Paige Bolden, daughter, March 15.

Kyle Dane Lynch and Alexia-Marie Jennings Lynch, son, March 16.

Michael DeWayne Garris and Alyssa Catherine Garris, daughter, March 16.

Maverick Dane Davis and Morgan Paige Kearney, son, March 16.

Zion Isayah Benitez and Hayley Nicole Haste, son, March 17.

Victor Manuel Perez and Rylee Renae Taylor, son, March 17.

Yovany Barradas Mora and Giovanna Fajardo Barradas, daughter, March 18.

Jermaine Marques Hunter and Madison Skylar Simpson, daughter, March 18.

Cheyton Timothy Richard Wise and Chasity Skylar Hodapp, son, March 18.

Jose Luis Ramirez and Adianna Luz Nieves, daughter, March 18.

Jordan Matthew Moore and Cindy Alejandra Lopez, daughter, March 20.

Matthew James Mobley and Jalahn Marie Honaker, son, March 20.

Dustin Daniel Bassett and Riccy Paola Villatoro Inestroza, daughter, March 21.

Mercedes Salinas Salinas, son, March 21.

Douglas Scott Budd and Suzie Marie Budd, son, March 21.

Gira Kimbanzia Diawa and Gloria Nghov Kalendu, daughter, March 21.

Brandon Paul Decker and Sasha Lea Decker, twin daughters, March 21.

Tyler Matthew Close and Rebecca Maree Deane, son, March 21.

Aaron Godd Gardner and Raelene Lynette Gardner, daughter, March 22.

Riley Christopher Schnider and Brittani Ashley Lee Tames, son, March 22.

Andrew Leighton Easton and Bailey Pushor Deckard, daughter, March 22.

Alejandro Clemente Morales and Cristina Lopez De La Cruz, daughter, March 23.

Lakshmaiah Medampudi and Karuna Kumari Eerapu, daughter, March 23.

Evan Wayne Linville and Reianna Kay Linville, son, March 23.

Nicolas Lawrence Cable and Harriet Louisa Cable, daughter, March 23.

Storm Lonnie Gene Napier and Emily Cheyenne King, daughter, March 24.

William Robert Anderson and Machaela Grace Conner, daughter, March 24.

Jonathan Christian Scheidt and Nicole Marie Scheidt, daughter, March 24.

Ashley Rene Lazzell, daughter, March 24.

Daniel Bryan Kehlenbrink and Katie Nicole Kehlenbrink, daughter, March 24.

Trevor James Gibson and Alyssa Mae Rose Gibson, son, March 25.

Justin Richard Cooper and Brittany Kaye Cooper, daughter, March 25.

Kaushik Basak and Arpita Basak, daughter, March 25.

Joshua Samuel Adams and Megan Gale Adams, daughter, March 25.

Shannon Dale Speer and Macie Alexandra Campbell, son, March 25.

Dillon Andrew Coriaty and Canielle Nicole Coriaty, daughter, March 26.

Tejas Nandkumar Ranadive and Bhumika Shrikar Sule, daughter, March 26.

Courtney Eulalia Marie Roberts, daughter, March 26.

Jordan Michael Sharp and Taylor Genevieve Sharp, daughter, March 27.

Kaylah Marie Sarri Gail Robinson, daughter, March 29.

Juan Antonio Sanchez and Shellen Alexia Acevedo, daughter, March 29.

Leo Hutchinson and Bethany Lizbeth Villanueva, daughter, March 30.

Lacey Jae Barrett, son, March 30.

Liborio Sebastian-Gomez and Ashley Mae Rosenbalm, daughter, March 30.

Brandon David Bailey and Faith Machenzie Bailey, son, March 30.

Ryan Daniel Dale Fischer and Caroline Nicole Fischer, son, March 31.

Patrick Grant Snyder and Yukie Furukawa, daughter, March 31.

Stanley Clifton Davis and Jessica Nicole Davis, son, March 31.