May births

Aaron Henry Harmeyer and Molly Ann Harmeyer, daughter, May 1.

Christopher Martin Rae Gravelin and Jantzen Alaine Willard, son, May 1.

Bradley Valiant Jones and Kayla Liza Jones, son, May 2.

Bryce Mackenzie Jones and Madison Celeste Woodard, son, May 2.

Ian Andrew Estes and Kathryn Marie Estes, son, May 2.

Matthew Douglas Kingswell and Amanda Leigh Kingswell, son, May 2.

Devin Mychael Thomas Belcher and Leeanna Lynn Barnhart, daughter, May 2.

Ian Ezel Cacho and Dakota Lynn Tague, son, May 3.

Steven Matthew Smith and Amy Marie Smith, daughter, May 3.

Nicholas Steven Minnich and Emily Nicole Minnich, son, May 3.

Adam Gerald James and Makayla Dawn James, daughter, May 3.

James Cody Wells and Jennifer Leeann Wells, daughter, May 3.

Corey Andrew King and Talya Marie McKennon, son, May 4.

Eric Richard Wolf and Emily Anna Wolf, son, May 4.

Joseph Lee Pratt and Tammy Nicole Pratt, son, May 4.

Emma Capri Parker, daughter, May 4.

Patrick Ryan Andrews and Sharon Sung Andrews, son, May 5.

Zachary Ryan Shepherd and Ronna Grace Beechler, daughter, May 5.

Taylor James Mikulyuk and Elizabeth Rose Andrews Mikulyuk, son, May 5.

William Michael Sullivan and Cheyenne Mackinsey Sullivan, daughter, May 5.

Logan Michael Voland and Lydia Marie Voland, son, May 5.

Dakota Ray Jessie and Logan Danielle Jessie, son, May 6.

Maclane Russell Trotter and Emily Ann Trotter, daughter, May 6.

Pablo Martinez Vasquez and Elizabeth Salazar Marquez, son, May 6.

Todd Lawrence Noah and Katherine Elizabeth Noah, son, May 6.

Justin Robert Miceli and Alyssa Lynn Miceli, son, May 8.

Alberto Saldana Morales and Brandy Lynn Purvis, son, May 8.

Etien Santiago and Veronica Franzese, daughter, May 8.

Logan Ray King and Megan Marie King, daughter, May 8.

Evan Caleb Harris and Carina Lynn Harris, daughter, May 9.

Robert William Willis and Alivia Shea Willis, daughter, May 9.

Trevor James Green and Lauren Nicole Green, daughter, May 9.

Hunter Riley McIntosh and Ellyn Elizabeth McIntosh, daughter, May 9.

Michael Raymond Haas and Therese Marie Haas, daughter, May 9.

Andrew Sekeres and Maki Iida, son, May 10.

Teddy Michael Adams and Amber Lynn Jones, daughter, May 10.

Christopher Ryan Schilling and Heather Marie Schilling, daughter, May 10.

Zerek Tyrell Greathouse and Page Elizabeth Reinbold, daughter, May 10.

Zachary Joseph Spencer and Haley Nicole Wade, daughter, May 10.

Aalok Trivedi and Devashri Aalok Trivedi, daughter, May 10.

Brandon Joe Wardwell and MaSie Nakeyta Wardwell, son, May 10.

Lee Michael Pollert and Emily Jerel Pollert, daughter, May 11.

Wade Alexander Parrett and Chyenne Marie Parrett, son, May 11.

Rebekah Jane Goff, daughter, May 11.

Kody John Newton and Kristina Dawn Newton, son, May 11.

Skylar Andrew Myers and Hanna Elisabeth Spradlin, May 11.

Leighton Todd Howe and Shelby Taylor Howe, son, May 11.

Kyle Paul Elgar and Brittany Nicole Elgar, son, May 12.

Leelakrishnan Nanjundapuram Parthiban and Saumiitha Leelakrishnan, son, May 12.

Jeremy Dwight Tyler Joseph and Marissa Ann Joseph, son, May 12.

Michael Shane Brown and Julia Carol Brown, daughter, May 12.

Ryan Daniel Burton and Noelle Kristene George, daughter, May 12.

Raylan Scot Allen Hyman and Payton Nichole McClintock, daughter, May 13.

Nicholas Donald Hall and Sabrina Cheyenne Eldridge, daughter, May 14.

Shashank Kunjibettu and Madhuri Bhat, son, May 14.

Alan Michael Christian and Brandi Nichole Christian, son, May 15.

Joshua Quinton Booker and Arianna Sky Estes, daughter, May 16.

Cameron Tyler Wiederhoeft and Jaimie Danielle Wiederhoeft, son, May 16.

Blake Michael David Moore and Kellie LeAnn Moore, son, May 16.

James Stewart Bozarth and Heather Lynelle Bozarth, daughter, May 16.

Justin Tyle Lekens and Emily Marie Scholar, daughter, May 16.

Joseph Manning Thompson and Kathryn Nichole Clark, son, May 16.

Cameron Zachary Croucher and Anna-Grace Maxine Croucher, son, May 16.

Austin Edward Kreutzjans and Ashley Lynn Kreutzjans, daughter, May 16.

Tariq Ihazrir and Jessica LaDonna Wheeler, daughter, May 16.

Richard Duane Christopher and Evelyn Marie Wilson, son, May 17.

Reid Walters Thayer and Emily Nicole Thayer, daughter, May 17.

Craig Joseph Kirk and Melissa Ann Kirk, daughter, May 17.

Pankaj Agarwala and Pallavi Agarwal, daughter, May 17.

Bradley Paul Fosnight and Kaylee Michelle Stott, daughter, May 18.

Zane Alexander Lucas and Ashley Lane Fleenor, son, May 18.

Christopher Shane O’Dell and Michelle Jeanette O’Dell, son, May 18.

Michael Benjamin Brown and Ana Marry Costelo Waters, daughter, May 18.

Vinod Yelala and Nishitha Aleti, son, May 18.

Juan Bernabeu and Eliza Araujo, daughter, May 19.

Kegan Cannon Todt and Kaitlyn Marie Campbell, son, May 19.

Jacob Allen Bower and Karla Kristine Bower, son, May 19.

Justin Lee David Johnson and Emily Ann East, daughter, May 20.

Kalob Edward Gray and Sydnee Lynn Allen, son, May 21.

Luther Dan Hurt and McKensie Ellyn Hurt, son, May 22.

Travis Lee Walters and Audrey Jean Walters, daughter, May 23.

Christopher Matthew Weddle and Angela Kea Weddle, son, May 23.

Quindon Allan Shipley and Mara Keilani Cox, son, May 23.

Christopher Adam Richie and Hanna Marie Whetstine, son, May 23.

Oscar David Chong Sanchez and Osiris Daniela Franco Lopez, daughter, May 23.

Carlos Eduardo Frias and Crystal Pendaz, son, May 23.

Paul Everett Browder and Chasity Linn Browder, daughter, May 23.

Skyler Everett Junior Taylor and Isabelle Vera Jo Beach, son, May 24.

Austin Lee Greene and Mikah Leigh Christine McCollum, son, May 24.

Juan Carlos Delgado and Crystal Dellanira Delgado, daughter, May 24.

Matthew Robert Ferry and Rachel Nicole Ferry, daughter, May 24.

Hayden Cole Grigsby and Nicole Leeann Duzan, son, May 25.

William Robert Sorensen and Ruth Elizabeth Sorensen, daughter, May 25.

Bob Ivan Wilson and Kaelee Anne Degonia-Wilson, daughter, May 25.

Ryan Daniel Turner and Jessica Lynn Turner, daughter, May 25.

Bryan Nicholas Riggs and Andrea Michelle Riggs, son, May 25.

Ari Eagle Szachta-Rojas and Cassandra Rose Davis, son, May 26.

Timothy Lane Crouch and Angel Lou Compton, son, May 26.

Rodrigo Sunun Luis and Ana Domingo Pascual, son, May 26.

Nicholas Bradley Hall and Kirsten Leigh Hall, son, May 26.

Eric Paul Wernke and Tori Rochelle Wernke, son, May 26.

Nathan William Dubben and Samantha Nichole Weemes, son, May 26.

Ethan Dempsey Johns and Lauren Holly Johns, daughter, May 26.

Hart Alexander Mathis and Molly Elizabeth Mathis, daughter, May 27.

Evan Edward Otte and Hannah Gayle Otte, daughter, May 27.

Joseph Allen Beickman and Bailey Anne Beickman, son, May 28.

Donald Louis Morris and Kennedy Mykensi Freeth, daughter, May 28.

Zachary Eugene Purtlebaugh and Brittany Ann Purtlebaugh, son, May 28.

Logan Michael Miller and Ashley Marie Miller, son, May 28.

Merrik Robert Peetz and McKayla Leeanne Wood, son, May 29.

Luke Christian Perkins and Brooke Elizabeth Perkins, daughter, May 29.

Eliel Castaneda and Hilda Hernandez, daughter, May 30.

James Wyatt Clendenning and Carleesa Brittany Bertram, daughter, May 30.

Jeremiah Guy-Eugene Wolfe and Vansuela Danyiel Peterson, son, May 31.

Ryan Allen Green and Natalie Ann Green, daughter, May 31.

Jeff Alvarez Carpio and Isabella Delaney Landa, son, May 31.

Katie Elizabeth Starr, daughter, May 31.

James Lynn Zokoe and Renee Elizabeth Zokoe, daughter, May 31.

Jeremiah Paul Chandler and Julia Michaela Loriann Chandler, daughter, May 31.