Around Town – July 30

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July 30

Orchids to

U.S. attorney general for following the evidence to hold everyone involved in Jan. 6 accountable.

Steve, in the doors department at Lowes, so friendly and helpful.

Jay Ambrose for his column with a clear explanation. Many thanks!

the community distribution of school supplies and all the volunteers involved, thank you!

Jay C’s bakery for very good service.

the lady who paid for my groceries, I will be paying it forward.

Onions to

the lady at the business wearing an extremely offensive sweatshirt.

the political super majority party that wants to control my life choices.

elected officials not supporting veteran burn pit casualties.

two way driving and parking on Washington Street in the downtown area.

selling gasoline on a last in, first out inventory system when oil prices are rising, first in first out when oil prices are falling.

being pro-war but anti-vets.

the federal elected official who has traveled the world but has yet to visit the U.S.’s troubled southern border.

the state legal officer for abuse of power, vote him out.

the black car speeding around on a yellow line.

political party that just voted against veterans, a move proving they are unfit for office and should not be voted back in.

the political party voting against the CHIPS+ bill.

politicians who think that putting an innocuous name on a bad law will fool the public.

those reverting to the former elected official when they don’t have anything else good to say.

Happy Birthday to

Father Clem Davis at St. B’s, from St. Bartholomew and Jay Baker.

John Moore.

Connie Scott, love family and friends.

Grandma Connie, love Oliver.

Happy Anniversary to

John and Marilnn Rondot, from your family and Donna.