Around Town – Aug. 2

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Aug. 2

Orchids to

Lloyd Wood and his band for an outstanding performance at the Pixy Theatre in Edinburgh on Saturday night.

Dennis Baute for his comments on the riverfront project.

Brian Blair for his great article, as usual, in The Republic.

caring for heroes who did get captured and soldiers who did get injured.

Judy McCormick for her letter.

Brandon Foster Burt’s Pest Control for excellent and speedy service, from Roberta Brougher.

guest columnist Julia Vaughn.

the nice lady who paid for my grandson’s Beyblade on Sunday afternoon, we will pay it forward.

the kind lady who took me and my dog home during the rainstorm, truly appreciated.

Milo Smith for helping with the cabinet, from the Taylor family.

Onions to

the former federal elected official who has had to legally defend himself almost his whole adult life.

all who voted for the assault weapons ban.

the senators who voted against the bill for veterans.

the elected official who leaves constituents guessing — no interviews, no debates, no public appearances.

the politicians who don’t represent the majority, and to those who blindly vote to keep those politicians in office.

everybody that believes separation of church and state is not in the Constitution when different words are used that say the same thing.

the columnist with his negative and scrutinizing opinion.

the representative who voted against legislation supporting semiconductor production and high tech research benefitting our local employer.

the representative who consistently votes “no” on everything, including investigating who was responsible for trying to hang the vice president.

the representative from this area voting against anything that is good for this country.

those who refuse to follow covenants and standards without regard for their neighbors.

our legislators who support workers in China more than American workers.

state legislators for violating the HIPAA laws of every female in the state.

totally scripted, one-sided “hearings.”

the representatives who pulled the support rug of the Burn Bill out from under all U.S. veterans.

the library becoming a dining room with empty containers left on tables, a nap room and loud conversations.

the local elected official who always votes the “The Party of NO” line even when some of his colleagues do not.

the letter writer who only listened to the edited version of the Jan. 6th speech and not the unedited version.

those who obsess over the previous federal elected official but ignore the total disaster that is the current administration.

those representatives who have proven to be just tag-a-longs of the former federal elected official.

the supermajority now in session, you don’t deserve to be elected again.

our representatives who voted against veterans and for China.

Happy Birthday to

Carter Chitwood, from your family and Donna.

Billie Stewart, from your family, Chris, Mary Beth, Lori, and Donna.

Johnna, from all your coworkers at Columbus Internal Medicine.