Around Town – Aug. 3

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Aug. 3

Orchids to

John Krull’s article Thursday.

Judy McCormick for her spot-on, well-written letter.

the kind young blonde lady in the black SUV who paid for my breakfast order a couple weeks ago.

the staff working at Applebee’s on July 8, the first responders, and my daughter, Stacia, who provided assistance when I passed out, from a very grateful lady.

Friends of Bob and Totally Hot Assets for the help moving, an extra thanks for moving the clock museum!

our public library for trying to do its best to help the homeless and also meet the needs of all its other patrons.

Janice Montgomery for all the treats in the office, from Clifty Creek Elementary.

Petersville United Methodist Church for copying all the papers and packing the take-home folders for Clifty Creek students.

Jessica and Melani at CVS for their helpful, thoughtful kindness in helping me, from Julia.

Ryan and Kaylan at Daily Feed for alerting me to the fraud check problem, you’re the best, from Grandma.

Onions to

the political party taking out its anger on vulnerable veterans.

the political party causing veterans to have to fight their own country for health care.

the government agencies throwing more tax dollars at the addiction groups.

whoever orders the soda for the pop machines at the gas stations, get a new salesman.

those who don’t agree the former federal elected official needs to run…at least every day and maybe even work up to a mile.

not understanding why our reps voted no is because most of the money is going to pork laden spending, just for once give us a clean bill.

anyone who thinks there is another side to the Jan. 6 insurrection.

schools that keep the air conditioner so low that kids are freezing even while wearing winter clothes in the summer.

the couple who went into the restaurant and ate dinner while their dog stayed in the hot truck.

the riverfront project.

restaurant servers who dress in a disgusting manner.

the representative who voted against veterans, protecting citizens, women’s rights and computer chips which would help our country and community.

the police who don’t patrol the areas with so much traffic treating them like drag strips.

the politician and husband for insider trading when no one else can get by with it.

politicians who don’t represent the majority, and to those who blindly vote to keep those politicians in office.

Happy Anniversary to

Jim and Julia Swegman, from all your family.