‘Interrupting Racism’ workshop offered

Community members interested in discussing local efforts toward Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are invited to take part in a free online “Interrupting Racism” workshop.

Nearly 200 community leaders have participated in the anti-racism training hosted by Heritage Fund and facilitated by Child Advocates. Upcoming workshops will be offered Sept. 22-23 and Nov. 17-18.

Participants will engage in a number of facilitated exercises during the two-day workshops designed to provide a better understanding of systemic racism and its outcomes.

Concepts to be explored include: awareness of how racism adversely affects everyone; function and relationship between poverty and racism; disempowerment of ourselves and those we serve; developing a shared understanding of the purpose of racism; understanding the lasting impact of historical policies and laws; the importance of our roles as gatekeepers; and how we begin to intentionally create communities where children’s outcomes are not predictable based on race, but where they thrive and not just survive.

For more information or to register, contact Kyle Hendricks at 812-376-7772 or [email protected]