Around Town – Aug. 4

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Aug. 4

Orchids to

Petersville United Methodist Church men’s group for the student supplies, from Clifty Creek Elementary.

Petersville United Methodist Church for the wonderful staff breakfast, from Clifty Creek Elementary.

Steven Mohler on your 13 year volunteer anniversary at Turning Point.

Dolores Nielsen for being a Turning point volunteer for eight years.

Cindy Massey and Steve Schofield for quick thinking and generosity when I had my bike accident, the world needs more people like you! from Carol Ashbrook.

resuming work on the southern border wall.

Kansas voters for overwhelmingly supporting women’s rights and abortion rights.

the voters in Kansas for letting the Supreme Court and Republican legislators know how they feel about stripping health care choices.

Kansas citizens who expressed their voice at the ballot box supporting abortion rights and fought back against opposition in their state.

Kansas voters for resoundingly rejecting a constitutional amendment that would have allowed the legislature to ban abortion.

the voters in Kansas sending a strong pro-choice message, I hope Indiana legislators are paying attention.

Leo Morris whose article should be carefully studied by the leaders here in Columbus.

the voters of Kansas for making clear what they think of the Roe decision.

the people of Kansas for rejecting evangelical control of private lives and health care choices.

the thunderbolt that politically struck in Kansas.

Onions to

those who voted against giving life-saving health benefits to veterans.

those who can’t define a woman, inflation or a secure border.

dog walkers who are not considerate and don’t pick up after their dog.

forgetting there was a presidential line item veto to remove pork from bills, but it was removed once a Democrat started using it.

voters for letting politicians decide the fate of women’s abortion rights.

those who believe the baby in the womb (no matter how small) is “my body, my choice.”

those not understanding that the 1/6 committee is nothing less than a distraction from the dismal policies and programs we face now.

the thrift store for discontinuing the tag sale and senior discount.

those who voted against the health care bill for veterans.

the totally scripted one-sided “hearings.”

judges and prosecutors that do not do their job.

parents who let their small children drive golf carts.

the representatives who say “no” to women and family rights as well as worker and consumer rights.

the state for having politicians decide on the abortion issue instead of the voters.

Happy Birthday to

Rama Yepuri, from your family and Donna.

Brent Peters, from your family and Donna.

Lisa Knies, from your family and Donna.

Evelyn Pence, from your family and Donna.

Brian East, from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

Happy Belated Birthday to

Nancy Sadauskas, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Jessica Brown, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Michele Sullivan, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.