Letter: Antisemitism threat sounds alarm to counter intolerance

From: Jean Marr Wilkins


Recently I read on social media that the FBI had detected a credible threat to the Jewish community of a major Texas city. I emailed an old friend, a civil rights lawyer in that city, and asked him if the threat was serious. The threat was all too serious: every synagogue and every Jewish-affiliated organization was forced to suspend all services. Furthermore, the FBI considered the danger so great that they were urging all members of the Jewish community in that city not to go to the media, fearing that publicity might incite the unhinged – and the threat to the Jewish community spread to another Texas city.

My friend in Texas has told me he thinks it is a good idea for me to write to our paper here urging vigilance — if you hear something, say something — and understanding. I am happy to say that I have never heard any antisemitic comments here in Columbus. Perhaps that’s because I’m not Jewish, but I want to believe that our community is wise enough to know that antisemitism is harmful and stupid, as are all forms of religious and racial intolerance.

Let’s keep Columbus a welcoming community. Everyone will benefit.