Indiana Senate affirms House-approved bill for $200 rebate payments

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana Senators affirmed a House-approved relief bill on Friday that will provide $200 rebate payments from the state’s surging budget surplus if approved by the governor.

Though below Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb’s initially proposed $225 refunds, the measure that passed 37-9 represents a concession from GOP senators who were initially wary that the rebates would further fuel inflation.

Sen. Travis Holdman, who sponsored the bill, said the funding was to ensure “pregnant women and children are taken care of as best we can” in the wake of an abortion ban that the House approved Friday afternoon. Senators could also vote on that ban and send it to the governor later Friday.

The Indiana House also passed a final version of the relief bill on Friday, after which it went to Senators for a concurrence vote.

“I think we have a good bill going forward to the Senate,” Republican Rep. Tim Brown, who sponsored the bill, said Friday. Brown said Thursday the package was an agreement with Senate negotiators.

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