Around Town – Aug. 8

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Aug. 8

Orchids to

Lois Wischmeyer of St. Paul Lutheran Church for her organization of the team of women who made such delicious meals for the DAR meeting!

the brave family willing to tell the truth.

Indiana for setting the moral example for the rest of the country in honoring the sanctity of human life.

Voelz Body Shop for fixing my Toyota Camry’s sunroof leak, so nice! from Jalyn.

the staff at PromptMed on Saturday —thanks for the excellent care, from the guy suffering from vertigo.

Roger Neptune for being so thoughtful to go to where the flooding is in Kentucky.

the editorial in Sunday’s paper.

the entire editorial page in Sunday’s paper.

putting the abortion rights issue on the mid-term ballot by any means.

Bud Herron for another excellent column.

the newspaper for another great opinion page in Sunday’s edition, from Sheila.

Happy Birthday to

Sandy Retz, from Judy.

Joshua Turner, love your family.