Around Town – Aug. 9

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Aug. 9

Orchids to

Taffy Schroer for being the liaison between St. Paul Lutheran Church and the Joseph Hart Chapter, NSDAR for our recent district meeting.

Dan Schroer for assisting with moving all the tables for set-up and tear down for the Joseph Hart Chapter, NSDAR meeting.

the family at Petersville with the military flag display.

the spot-on editorial about how Indiana lawmakers are completely out of touch with the people they are supposed to represent.

the legislators saving us from rising inflation by lowering personal rebate payments by $25.

Eli Lilly and Co. for looking outside the state for expansion projects in the wake of Indiana’s sweeping abortion ban.

Judge Kelly Benjamin, the BCJ staff and the ladies who were there for me when time was hard, especially Rosemary B., from Lacey C.

the people responsible for placing beautiful white carnations on all the graves located at babyland in Garland Brook Cemetery, very much appreciated.

Petersville United Methodist Church for all the school supplies, from Clifty Creek Elementary.

President Biden’s big victory on climate, the health care bill, and 15 percent corporate minimum tax on big corporations.

Onions to

the political leaders risking the lives of children and young girls by forcing them to bear the babies of their rapists.

the governor who went to war with Mickey Mouse.

being too naive to recognize that we soon will be in the “darkest” ages if we stay on the current path.

using the vague term “overwhelming majority” instead of giving actual data.

our state representative inflicting his religious convictions on women and voting against letting the voters decide abortion access.

the unhinged county official.

our representatives for forcing a vote among themselves instead of giving the people the option at the polls.

the local grocery store overbooking the pickup time again, having only one young employee trying to serve over 20 cars waiting.

federal elected official for a weakened foreign policy, faltering economy and an uncontrolled invasion at our border.

the inflation reduction act that will not reduce inflation at all.

drivers using the entrance only lane as a exit, even though there is sign saying, “no exit.”

not realizing there is not a single mention of abortion in the U.S. Constitution, which means there is no constitutional right to abortion.

the young man making racist comments in the shop in a company shirt.

the representative who voted against an amendment allowing the public to vote on the issue of abortion.

the dog owner who called the police when he was the one who was in the wrong.

those who support abortions rights while ignoring rights of the infant about to be aborted.

our worse than do nothing representative.

the grocery store with the cart retriever who wears his pants too low and is obscene.

legislators approving an abortion ban even though 70% of their constituents do not support it.

the state’s near-total abortion ban.

the trade of an athlete for an international arms dealer.

the prior federal executive for being a fraud as noted by Sen. Mitt Romney, presidential candidate in 2012.

those who blame the federal official as the cause of every problem in America.

those who think that continued, uncontrollable federal spending will reduce inflation.

state lawmakers finally making our state first in something, but in a disgraceful way.

wasting money on detailed signage thinking today’s driver is intelligent enough to know how much their vehicle weighs.

businesses threatening to hire and expand outside of the state when most of their hiring and expansion is from outside of the state.

our legislature voting against putting the question of abortion before the voters of Indiana and allow the people to decide on the issue.

the reckless, expedited legislative process that rushed to advance state policy detrimental to females, physicians, and does not support the belief of all world religions.

state elected officials approving a reduced $200 relief bill stating it ensures women and children are best taken care of in the wake of an abortion ban.

our two representatives voting against an amendment allowing Indiana voters to decide whether abortion could be banned.

the big box thrift stores that ask you round up and now don’t have any sales.

the party that just passed a massive spending bill.

all who believe that the abortion ban restricts women’s rights to control their own bodies.

all who think they have a right to tell women and their doctors what type of health care women may receive.

Happy Birthday to

Beth Sullivan, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Hannah Weddle, from Grandma Weddle.

Allison Heagle, love family and friends.

Mommy Allison, love Oliver.

Lillian Wagner on No. 4, from Mom and Dad, Papaw and Sherry, Mamie McClintic, and family.