Around Town – Aug. 10

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Aug. 10

Orchids to

Melissa Reardon for the beautiful flowers for the staff, from Clifty Creek Elementary.

Texas Roadhouse for the school supplies, from Clifty Creek Elementary.

the Biden administration for doing the work on their agenda and getting it done as well as passing the inflation reduction act.

the state representative unsure about giving women more paid leave because he believes that makes it too easy for women to have babies.

the kind and generous Central Park Place residents for their wonderful donations to the Kentucky flood victims

Real World Testing for picking up donations and taking them to Kentucky!

Hoosiers not being in Kansas.

Cummins and Lilly recognizing that the draconian abortion law recently passed will affect their ability to attract quality talent to the state.

Cummins for doing the right thing in support of women’s rights in Indiana.

the well said editorial on abortion in Sunday’s paper.

the Democrats for passing the “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.”

the Sunday editorial about the law restricting women rights.

Eli Lilly and Cummins for standing up for women’s rights.

John Bundick for helping the stranded motorist in the storm, from Columbus Township Trustee office.

Bud Herron’s Sunday column.

including responsibility, morals, and the sanctity of life when addressing the abortion issue.

the family that has all the lillies on Deaver Road.

Cummins and Eli Lilly for their views on the abortion bill.

for Becky at the Columbus BMV, for making a not-so-great situation pleasant and fun!

Onions to

the political party soaked in hypocrisy and politically craven whose core values are repugnant.

the super majority in the Statehouse for representing only a minority of Indiana voters.

state officials for not placing the abortion issue onto the fall ballot.

the political party blocking a cap on insulin costs for millions of patients.

the political party that has become the party of crazy and false claims and taking away women’s rights.

the social media post of the homeless person’s car causing embarrassment to the individual.

the local representative making a sweeping legislative ban, not understanding why Medicaid paid for almost half of the births in Indiana.

the large local company condemning the recently passed abortion law.

company holding the state hostage on “where it decides to grow” based on the state’s Godly decisions, it should be invited to leave.

the electric company asking for another rate raise, try cutting the CEO compensation first.

hypocrites voting to deny women their reproductive rights in the name of the sanctity of life while rejecting a vaccination mandate that could have saved thousands of lives.

people who refer to killing unborn babies as a right, abortion is murder.

those don’t know the difference between reporting gross income vs. net income as there is a big difference.

the company that makes meds to preserve life but is opposed to the Indiana abortion ban to preserve life.

the federal investigator which has opened Pandora’s Box.

our new totalitarian government auditing middle income persons to support political spending and raiding private citizens.

the bully corporations threatening to leave when they don’t get their own way.

the local insurance company not allowing any new mental health providers when it’s desperately needed.

not realizing a federal judge signed off on a probable cause search warrant while Watergate did not.

not realizing there are plenty of birth control methods as effective as the after the fact abortion.

companies that should stay out of politics and care more about human lives than their profits and political biases.

the local corporation who gives money to pro-life candidates, then complains when they follow through with their platform.

the big corporations in this state who think they should be in charge of what we think and do.

leaders shamefully putting profit ahead of life of the unborn, tarnishing J. Irwin Miller’s legacy of care and human compassion.

anyone who can look into the eyes of a precious baby and want to kill it.

the state’s unconstitutional abortion ban which violates religious freedom.

school administrators not requiring masks while the local hospital is urging people to wear masks in public.

parents who allow the boys riding bicycles every day to yell obscenities.

the company threatening to leave Columbus, we don’t care if you leave or not.

bureaucrats who engage in third-world tactics.

Happy Birthday to

James Stephen Placek, from your best friends and all your family.