Around Town – Aug. 11

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Aug. 11

Orchids to

President Biden’s big win for the American people.

Cummins and Eli Lilly for supporting women’s reproductive choice rights.

President Joe Biden, whom a lot of people underestimated.

knowing that no American should be above the law.

the sales and service department for excellent customer service and professionalism in dealing with an auto issue.

President Joe Biden and the Democrats for legislation on climate change, lower drug prices and taxes on large corporations.

the people who voted to protect the 1,725 babies killed every day in the U.S.

First Christian’s 55 Fellowship Tu for a tasty lunch and a delightful, educational program by Utopia staff.

Johnna at Columbus Internal Medicine who helped me to the car, most appreciated.

Duke Energy for immediately returning our power on Tuesday morning.

Rep. Ryan Lauer for caring for all pregnant mothers as well their unborn children.

the person who paid for my breakfast at McDonald’s on Wednesday morning.

everything that President Biden has done to strengthen the NATO alliance.

Onions to

the authoritarian base of the political party which used to be a conservative base.

the foreign dictator courting the American right-wing political party because he is losing support in Europe.

the political party going on record as being in favor of expensive insulin.

the political party in which the crazies have become the establishment.

wanting to save unborn babies described as “disgraceful” which is a good indication of the current state of our country.

the large employer(s) reacting so negatively and over-dramatically to the decision to honor the sanctity of human life.

the political party that has no integrity or memory.

the former federal elected official and his lap dogs who believe they’re above the law and above all of us regular citizens.

the representative who speaks in defense of a criminal but not when it comes to helping Americans, veterans or our allies.

those who complain about the abortion ban.

the large company threatening to leave over being able to murder the unborn.

the utility company that needs to learn to live on what they make.

failing to understand it is a human right to choose to donate one’s organ(s) to another human life.

the representative ignoring the hard truth that abiding by the rule of law means that no one, not even a former president, is above the law.

the elected official who lied about the Mar-a-Lago “search.”

representatives without the courage to impeach the former president, letting him further abuse the powers of his office.

not acknowledging large organizations and the government have record retention and management policies.

hypocritical political party claiming to be all about law and order but complaining when its leader is subject to the law.

the former leader who “took the fifth amendment” after previously asserting that was the same as an admission of guilt.

the local state legislators who voted in favor of the abortion ban bill.

the ex-husband that will not change his mailing address on his bills.

the person who blew through the stop sign and then parked right outside the coffee shop door instead of the parking lot.

badmouthing our state representative who also cares for the mothers as well as the unborn.

our state representatives following the foolish folly of the previous administration.

the representative who thinks leaders shouldn’t live according to the laws of this country.

weaponizing the DOJ and0 IRS.

politicians who voted against the CHIPS bill which will make Americans competitive with China.

Happy Birthday to

Alyssa Lynn Conrad, from your dad.

Happy Belated Birthday to

Koda Lynn Chilton on No. 6, from Great-Grandma Betty Burton.

Oanh Mary DeoCampo, from Bob and Charlotte and all your friends at St. Bartholomew Catholic Parish.

Happy Anniversary to

Mr. Greene on No. 44! from Mrs. Greene.