Around Town – Aug. 12

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Aug. 12

Orchids to

President Joe Biden and all of his major agenda items passing that will help American people and manufacturing.

Roger Neptune for his generous heart and dozens of trips to Eastern Kentucky, from a proud former teacher and coach at Petersville, Mr. Harris.

Marilyn Hayes for her excellent letter.

other democracies around the world that have indicted, convicted, and sometimes imprisoned their former leaders because no one is above the law.

Marilyn Hayes for your letter.

Marilyn Hayes for your letter to the editor.

the donut shop on State Street for the greatest cinnamon rolls and cake donuts in the world.

the two elementary teachers who purchased groceries for a young family and delivered them.

those who kept the current federal attorney general off the Supreme Court.

Onions to

those who complain about Indiana political leaders.

the former federal elected official mishandling classified material.

the political party that was saying our federal elected official is senile and is now saying he knows everything.

the political party that wants to end Medicare and Social Security in five years.

automatically reacting negatively to possible changes like the downtown parking proposals and misstating the facts.

leaving He who commanded “Thou shalt not kill” out of the picture when claiming it’s a woman’s right to abort an unborn child for any reason.

the former federal leader who riled up his base by playing the victim once again.

former leader who pleaded the Fifth, refusing to answer questions under oath who previously stated only guilty people plead the Fifth.

the federal investigators for fishing through the former president’s personal papers looking for something wrong.

those supporting the former president in his illegal activities.

the people who have left the yard sale sign from last weekend still up.

the former leader, after deriding the guilt of those who plead the Fifth, pleaded the Fifth to more than 400 questions as sworn testimony.

people who are proud of the job being done by our federal elected official.

state officials dictating family planning and women’s health through a rapid and personally-driven process.

anyone not believing the company taking its business elsewhere will not affect the livelihood and financial stability of this community.

the former leader who said he wanted his generals to unconditionally submit to his authority similar to genocidal Hitler.

the local representative supporting a former leader who ripped up official material, flushed classified documents and removed documents belonging to the government.

the representative failing to understand that every time he pledges support to the former leader, he lessens the likelihood of his own brother’s future success.

anyone claiming the former leader is being treated unfairly—he made it a felony in 2018 to destroy official government materials.

refusing to understand how difficult it is to convince a judge that a probable crime exists to issue a search warrant.

those who do not educate themselves and learn that no birth control method is 100% effective.

not knowing the U.S. is a democratic republic rather than a true democracy.

people whose actions are guided by hatred and jealousy.

those who still believe that an up to 12 week gestation is a baby.

Happy Birthday to

Daphne Mace, from Toni with BCSC!

Holly Nicole Werner, from James Stephen and Aunt Christian Lynn.

Ron Hooker on No. 60.

Happy Belated Anniversary to

Debra and Jack Greene, from Mom and Tom.