Around Town – Aug. 13

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Aug. 13

Orchids to

Columbus Collision for installing the door emblems promptly while I waited and without an appointment, your kindness will not be forgotten.

SRO Julie Q. for the refreshing lemonade and iced teas Thursday afternoon! from W. D. Richards office staff.

Coach Duane Poe and his 55+ team for winning the Spring/Summer Columbus Softball Association “Senior League” title!

voting into office politicians who know global warming is fact, not fiction, and will act on the problem now.

Curt Burbrink for a great letter.

true patriots in the Department of Justice and FBI who risk their lives every day keeping us safe.

fighting to have control over our freedoms in this state by voter referendum rather than at the hands of part-time out-of-touch legislators who don’t think like we do.

the Two Worlds’ help after my recent fall and everything you did and taking care of me and my dog.

the young man who tied my shoe at Walmart on Wednesday.

Jonathan Turley and Alan Dershowitz for standing up for the rule of law in the face of poor events.

Ryan Lauer who votes for Christian standards.

the editorial regarding the riverfront, a great editorial.

Leo Morris for the informative column in Friday’s edition, from Sheila.

Keith at Acra Auto was a great help in buying my car at my price and paying on the spot.

free parking in the Columbus shopping centers.

Rep. Ryan Lauer for placing value on the unborn children.

Onions to

politicians who claimed to the be “shocked” by a legal search of a residence.

the political party that is calling to defund the FBI.

the political party threatening the Department of Justice.

residents who are feeding the pretty, bushy, black “kitty” with the white stripe.

the former leader whose testimony contained more fifths than many liquor stores.

not knowing if a major company were to leave town that there are millions of other jobs available according to this administration.

the political party permitting the former leader to bend the rules, and yet, fully support him, and his continued attack on democracy.

never making the connection that accusations of ending Medicare and Social Security arrive at every election season.

the administration that keeps on telling lies about the previous official.

the people who claim the majority wants this or that, if that’s the case they would not have been elected.

experiencing the results of what happens to a country when politics, along with human hate and retaliation, becomes more important than saving it.

still defending the former leader who unlawfully took several boxes of documents when he left the White House.

the daily rants about the former president by those oblivious to the current administration’s numerous failures.

our former federal leader that, by his own definition, essentially admitted guilt by his repeated declaration of the 5th Amendment.

Happy Birthday to

Rachel Lane, from your family.

Happy Belated Birthday to

Perry Kelley, from Tom and Judy.

Happy Anniversary to

Mark and Cheryl Atkins, from Audra, Jason, and girls.