Around Town – Aug. 16

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Aug. 16

Orchids to

John Krull for another great column.

the “know when it’s time to dig up your potatoes from the garden” information in Sunday’s Republic.

Andy East for some enterprising — and eye-opening — reporting on the local housing scene.

Mickey, my neighbor, for coming to my rescue and helping with my dead battery Friday morning, from Trisha.

two new friends who invited me to lunch with them Sunday, paid for my meal and made my day with kindness.

President Joe Biden for tilting the economic playing field a bit more toward the kind of people he grew up with, the average America citizen.

Onions to

taxes and utilities in Columbus being too costly for a middle class family to live here.

the SUV speeding on Middle Road to Marr Road, not usingturn signals at any stop signs.

the non-answer from the city employee regarding the outrageously expensive and unneeded Taylor Road fiasco.

the uncaring unvaccinated causing the crippling polio virus to make a comeback, and COVID-19 with its variants to remain rooted in our lives.

the proposed parking meters in downtown Columbus.

our legislators not using our surplus money to end school textbook rental—only Indiana and Kansas still have textbook rental.

anyone who thinks a reckless government spending spree will reduce inflation.

people who don’t realize the great job this president is doing — gas prices are down, great economy with plenty of jobs, just too many people who don’t want to work.

people who, without any evidence, call others criminals—that’s called slander.

residents putting out food for wild animals in residential areas, thereby attracting skunks, possums, and the like.

the attitude the former federal elected official takes that he is so far above the law, that he is the law—he will do and say anything, including a call to arms.

the former federal elected official who did nothing for veterans, he did raise medicine costs, increasing Tricare drug copay causing veterans to pay more.

the person who runs a saw all day long and doesn’t give anybody any peace and quiet on the weekend.

the political left for their hatred for the former federal elected official.

taking advice about paid parking from consultants who only care that their check doesn’t bounce.

all the lies from the left about the raid in Mar-a-Lago.

millions of Americans being manipulated into believing the former federal elected official’s lies.

the car that forced its way in and then turned off.

legislators who double the size of agencies which have a known record of bias against certain taxpayers.

the longer the former federal elected official stays in politics, the more he tears the American social fabric, and the more dangerous politics becomes.

Happy Birthday to

Tracy Souza, from your family and Donna.

Adriana Wright, from Mamaw Jan.

Lisa McQueen, from Mom, Dad, and Lori.