Holocaust Museum condemns Rep. Jim Lucas social media post quoting Nazi Joseph Goebbels, ask House leadership for action

INDIANAPOLIS — CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center on Wednesday strongly condemned a social media quote and link posted by Rep. Jim Lucas, Republican member of the Indiana House of Representatives, representing Seymour and a portion of Bartholomew County.

Lucas quoted Joseph Goebbels, Minister of propaganda for the German Third Reich under Adolf Hitler and included a link to a site with Goebbels’ name and “The Jewish Question.”

“We are shocked and horrified that an Indiana lawmaker would make such a statement about Hitler’s chief architect and purveyor of hate speech, ultimately leading to the murder of over 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. Hate propaganda was the driving force behind the Holocaust, and these seeds of hate have been, and are being planted, today in the United States.”

The museum urged House Speaker Todd Huston, to condemn Lucas’s actions, according to the statement.

This is a screen shot of what Lucas posted on his Facebook page, before he removed it.

Screen shot of Rep. Jim Lucas’ Facebook page post quoting Nazi Joseph
Goebbels, which has since been removed from his page.

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