Around Town – Aug. 19

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Aug. 19

Orchids to

Rep. Liz Cheney for having more integrity and backbone than all of the former presidents’ sycophants and enablers in Congress combined.

Dr. Melinda Hunnicutt for going above and beyond with your care and concern for your patients and their families, from the Swegman family.

the Hope Baptist Church for the delicious back to school lunch and school supplies, from Flatrock-Hawcreek teachers.

the ex-VP confirming the importance of the Jan. 6th commission investigation saying he will consider testifying if asked.

our whole judicial system who enforce our laws and shouldn’t face threats from anarchists.

Mark and Tony at Grass Luvers Inc. for the quick and great service on my lawn mower, much appreciated from Dave S.

Rep. Liz Cheney for being a true patriot and trying to save the soul of her party.

John Armstrong for his letter.

Roy Goode Tree Service for the expertise and professionalism in removal of 45-year-old tree, from Shirley and Jack Holmes.

Voelz Body Shop for dependable, professional, and friendly service, from a satisfied customer.

John Armstrong’s excellent letter.

John Armstrong for his letter.

Zack Ellison for his letter.

Jim Lucas for his excellent definition of the “big lie.”

Onions to

those who think $430 billion in spending will make green energy any cheaper in fighting an imaginary crisis.

defunding public libraries.

anyone still thinking if you raise the cigarette tax (again) people will quit smoking.

those who think their religious dogma has any role in the U.S. Constitution.

the representative who has not voted for anything helping his constituents, but supports the leader who supported hanging his brother.

the local district representative whose posts on social media are a deliberate campaign to continue spreading the big lie.

the disgusting behavior of the local representative who obviously is in politics to promote his selfish agenda, the big lie.

the constituents who continue to vote in someone who thrives on misinformation and divisiveness.

our state rep who doesn’t recognize himself as the “Big Lie.”

the local representative that fails to understand and accept that it is his party that profusely lies and promotes misinformation to the American people.

the representative saying he is just and righteous to quote former Nazi leaders while condemning others for being too dumb to understand.

not repairing the potholes or the damage they cause.

voters who continue to re-elect the representative who keeps showing you who he really is, and it’s not good.

the political party in Congress unleashing violent rhetoric about public servants.

the design and engineering company with all the errors and changes on the road project resulting in added taxpayer expenses.

writing gift checks to a church instead of directly to the designated charity for accountability.

Happy Birthday to

Mason Grider, from you family and Donna.

Marjorie Schmeckebier, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.