Around Town – Aug. 31

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Aug. 31

Orchids to

John, Karen, Laura, and Eric for my birthday gifts and cards, from Jean.

Jorge Morales and Mark Gorbett, the only two county council members who have a clue that county employees are taxpayers too.

mail carrier Art for going above and beyond to help us with our mailbox on Cessna Drive, from the Neal family.

the family who bought our meal at Amazing Joe’s last Wednesday evening, from Alan and Karen.

the whistleblowers exposing the dark underside of a certain government agency.

President Biden’s long list of accomplishments in only one and half years.

B & B Plumbing for great service.

Onions to

our legislature causing Indiana to be an OB-GYN desert because they are moving out of the state.

the five truly dysfunctional county elected officials.

those not flattening recycling items for the recycling bin in Hope.

the gas station that has been over 40 cents higher for two weeks compared to it’s competitor right down the street.

Happy Anniversary to

Sue and Bud Kincaid, from your family and friends.

Kyle and Nina Stevens, from your family and Donna.