Around Town – Sept. 8

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Sept. 8

Orchids to

the young man who loaded the rabbit hutch into the red mini van. It was much appreciated.

the sweet young lady who used her umbrella to walk me in the rain to my car Tuesday morning at JayC’s, bless you for being so thoughtful.

Mary Lane for the beautiful picture in Take Your Best Shot.

the couple that paid for our dinner at Cracker Barrel on Tuesday evening, it was very much appreciated.

the Commons staff for making a young boy very happy.

William Gerhard for your letter.

Onions to

state-sanctioned premeditated murder otherwise known as capital punishment turning us all into killers.

the ridiculous notion that making America great again is extreme.

the supporters of the federal elected official who continue to spread lies.

military leaders who allowed servicemen to serve as window dressing at a political speech.

the girl in the school morning traffic who was laying on the horn behind a car with two dogs in it waiting for a school bus.

the cars that blew the light at Rocky Ford Road and Middle Road and the car that made the u-turn at 31 and Central.

people who mow their yard and blow it out onto the country roads.

Happy Birthday to

Jan Shera, from your family and Donna.

Donna Gottried, from your family and Donna.

Mary Jane Gossett, from your family and Donna.

Marilyn McKinney, from your family, Shirley and Donna.

Cindy Hashman, from your family and Donna.

John Rondot, from your family and Donna.

Marilyn McKinney, from your family.