Tracy Souza: Couple’s giving matches passions

Philanthropy news today is dominated by mega-givers like MacKenzie Scott or Bill Gates who make multimillion-dollar grants on a shockingly regular basis. That is one way to make a positive change for sure. But there are other ways to make significant changes, and that is to combine monetary resources with great ideas and personal passion. Locally, we have a couple who have become really good at celebrating their success using not only their cash, but their creative passion-driven skills.

David and Angie May have been supporting this community as a way of celebrating the success of their business, Analytical Engineering, Inc. On the 10th anniversary of AEI, David and Angie established the Analytical Engineering, Inc. (AEI) Scholarship Fund to help local high school seniors attend college.

Meeting the financial challenge of college was something that both David and Angie experienced in their respective education journeys, and they were honored to be able to help students along theirs.

To celebrate AEI’s 25th anniversary, David and Angie established the AEI Youth Sports Fund. The couple once again drew from their personal life experience, remembering the expense of athletics for their daughters, and created a means for families to receive financial assistance for what often can be prohibitive sports participation costs. More than 1,000 area youth participating in 14 different sports have been helped so far by the AEI Youth Sports Fund, which is quite unique in the world of community foundation scholarship programs and a good demonstration of the very personal approach Angie and David take to philanthropy.

And, in 2020, after losing their much-loved family and work dog, the Mays established the Nala Fund in their pet’s honor, to celebrate her life and help cover medical costs for dogs in need. More than 50 dogs at 16 different vet clinics have been supported by the Nala Fund.

Heritage Fund is proud to be a home for Angie and David’s philanthropy. Angie is a relentless fundraiser for her initiatives, and her zeal has both challenged and encouraged Heritage Fund to think more broadly and become better fundraisers. Deeply rooted passions can drive philanthropy that opens doors for everyone. Thank you, David and Angie, not only for your generosity but also for your example.

At Heritage Fund, “Your Philanthropy. Your Way.” can take you as far as your imagination allows.

Tracy Souza is president and CEO of Heritage Fund – The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County. Contact the fund at 812-376-7772 to learn more about how they can help you do “Your Philanthropy. Your Way.” Send comments to [email protected]